Reasons to Know Your Passenger Rights Amid Covid-19 Crisis

Reasons to Know Your Passenger Rights Amid Covid-19 Crisis

It does not matter how much time you spend planning your travel, things may occasionally go wrong and during this Covid-19 crisis, we have to be more careful and keep preparing all the time to save ourselves from worse.

Sometimes you may have to face flight delay or baggage lost, so as a traveller, you must know the best possible solutions and how you can deal with the unexpected.

Let us now know how air passenger rights can save you from unexpected happenings and how knowing your passenger rights benefit you.


On April 16th, the Ministry of Civil Aviation released a circular which clearly states that, If a passenger has booked a ticket during the lock-down period for both domestic and international air travel and the passenger seeks a refund, the airline shall refund the full amount without levying cancellation charges.

On April 3rd, the U.S Department of Transportation issued a notice and obligated all the airlines to provide a refund to the passengers if the flight gets delayed or canceled.

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Timely Check-in

An airline can cancel your reservation if you are not present at the departure gate on time. Your seat can be acquired by another passenger. It does no matter whether you have done an advance booking. If you have not checked in within the alloted time, you may be bumped out off the flight. But, we have a provision if you ever get into a situation, where you have been denied to board the flight. You have a denied boarding compensation as your right and you can only use it if you would know how to go about it.

So, read how to get compensation on denied boarding?

Baggage Loss/Delay/Damage

Firstly, you must know that you have a legal right to claim and ask for compensation from the airline, if your checked-in luggage is lost, delayed or damaged.

You can only claim for the problem if airline is responsible for any of the baggage issues. In such cases, it is suggested to respond as quickly as possible and you must:

• Report the problem directly to the airline.

• Check the deadlines – As per the regulation, you may have to claim within 7 days of your scheduled flight.

Travel insurance can also be helpful in this situation. If you have an insurance that covers your luggage, you must make an insurance claim instead of going through the other process because this way, you are likely to get more money with ease.

Terms & Conditions

Air Passenger Rights vary from country to country and airline to airline, and are sometimes referred to as “Conditions of Carriage” or “Contract of Carriage.” You must check the document on the airline’s website through which you are travelling. and you may get a better idea if you’re confused about the compensation criteria.

Have a Complaint?

If you have been struggling to solve a problem related to compensation or refund, you may first directly contact the airline and narrate your issue to their representative; if you don’t get your answers, you can directly come to us and contact us at : claim@refundme.in and submit your complaint, our team will reach out to you guide you to the process.

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