Canada Flight Delay Compensation: Enable Your Air Passenger Rights

Canada Flight Delay Compensation: Enable Your Air Passenger Rights

Canada Flight Compensation

In May 2019, the Canadian government released new guidelines to protect air passengers from the unnecessary travel losses and as a protector of passenger rights, it is our duty to enlighten you about the key points about the canada flight delay compensation, which can benefit you and help you get the compensation that you seek.

Flight delay is one of the most annouying things that can happen to anyone at the airport. In recent times, although airlines have cut down the costs but introduced so many new fees that is included in the ticket price. Well, new guidelines and regulations are helping us and giving us opportunities to save more.

Let us now discuss flight delay compensation in Canada in detail:

What will airline provide during a flight delay?

The Canadian regulation clearly states that, if the delay is within the airline’s control then, the airline must provide the following things for the safety and care purposes.

If the delay is for 2 hours or more then, airline must provide:

  • Food and Drink

  • Means of Communication services

  • Hotel Accommodation for an overnight delay

When do airlines pay flight compensation?

Airlines are obligated to pay you flight compensation in the event of flight delay, flight cancellation and denied boarding, if the flight disruption is within the airline’s control or their responsibility, then airlines must provide you flight compensation for the inconvenience.

How much flight delay compensation will I get?

If the flight delay or cancellation is within the airline’s control and does not require any safety purposes, then the airline is obliged to pay you compensation based on the distance and length of the flight delay. Let us understand better with the chart.

Note: Large airlines will pay higher than the small airlines.

Large Airlines

Length of delay: Amount (CAD)

3-6 hours: $400

6-9 hours: $700

9+ hours: $1000

Small Airlines

Length of delay: Amount (CAD)

3-6 hours: $125

6-9 hours $250

9+ hours $500

How to claim and get flight delay compensation?

You can either contact the airline directly or visit refundme.in to raise your claim by enter your flight details and get compensation faster. We, at refundme.in, work on “no win- no fee” policy; meaning you won’t be charged anything until we settle your claim with the airline.

Besides, you can also download Mr Boie app, for personalized experience, where you can easily raise your claim by submitting your flight details, you will get to the eligible compensation, and you can also easily track the status of your claim.

Have a safe travel!

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