Flight Cancellation Compensation: Rules Under EU 261 Regulation

Flight Cancellation Compensation: Rules Under EU 261 Regulation

Flight Cancellation Compensation

Have you been a victim of flight cancellation? Your mind must have gone through multiple questions like – Who to do? How will I reach my destination? What will happen now? and on and on. But we have a good news for you!

When your flight gets cancelled, you may be entitled to get up to 600 euro as compensation from the airline if the reason of the cancellation is airline’ s responsibility. Now you must be thinking how will I get to know? so, read on to find all the answers.

Flight Cancellation: Know your Air Passenger Rights

Under the EU 261/2004 passenger regulation, the flight cancellation offers you 3 kinds of rights:

Right to refund or rerouting

Well, if your flight has been cancelled, the EU 261 passenger rights clearly states that the airline must either give refund of the unused ticket or an alternative flight to the passenger. For more clarity, the airline will allow you to choose between the following options:

  • The partial or full refund of your ticket (+ a return flight to your point of departure, free of charge, when applicable)

  • An alternative flight to your final destination (if no alternate flight is available, the airline may offer a bus or train ticket instead)

  • Another flight ticket to your destination at a later date of your choosing, provided that seats are available

About Upgrades & Downgrades

It may be the possibility that the seat you will get on an alternative flight may be in a different class than the ticket originally booked. So, here is the clause:

Upgrade: If your seat is available in a higher class on an alternative flight, then the airline cannot charge you any extra amount.

Downgrade: If your original ticket was booked in a first class but you got coach in an alternative flight, you may ask for a refund between 35 to 75% of the original ticket price.

When can I claim for flight cancellation compensation?

Besides, refund and rerouting, you may be entitled to get compensation for your cancelled flight. Following are the conditions which should be fulfilled in order to get the compensation:

  • Have you got the notification about the cancellation? If yes, when?

  • Have you opt for an alternative flight? If yes, when did it depart and arrive?

If you were notified about the cancellation in 14 days or more prior to the scheduled flight, then you will not get any compensation for your cancelled flight.

If the airline did not send you any notification about the cancellation, then you are eligibile for compensation.

If the airline notified you within the 14 days before the scheduled departure but did not provide you an alternative flight, then you are eligible for compensation.

Compensation chart

Note: Compensation amount may vary according to the distance and the length of the delay.

If you struggling to know the exact compensation amount but do not know how to claim for cancelled flight compensation, then directly contact refundme.in and submit your flight details. Our team will get in touch with you and help you get the compensation faster.

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