On-board Photography Tips: Photos You Should Take While Flying

On-board Photography Tips: Photos You Should Take While Flying

The best way to capture most beautiful travel experiences and moments when you travel is photography. Pictures are really important while travelling because they serve purpose and satisfy our soul to the fullest. Besides, in some cases they can be used as powerful tools if things go unfortunate on holiday.

Once you finish taking pictures in your travel outfit and some crazy selfies, you should add some important pictures in your gallery too. If things don’t go well, these pictures on-board can help you and support during your claim compensation process. Interesting Right?

On-board Photography Tips

Take picture of your luggage

In case your baggage gets damages, lost, or delayed, you can simply show this photograph as an evidence that can give power and support your baggage compensation during your travel. Make sure you take picture of your bags from all the angles and click all the bags.

Take Inside Picture of your Bag

It is really essential to travel with the limited items and if you are carrying some important belongings, make sure you open your bag and click the inside picture of your bag. If the items inside your bag gets damaged or lost, this technique can be used as a proof of what and how you have been carrying items in your bag.

Click valuable items separately

If you are carrying some expensive items in your checked bag and you have to take extra care of such items then, you should click them closely. In case the item gets damaged, you can always show the protective packaging to support your issue and again you can also get compensation in return.

Snap your Baggage Tags

As we know that baggage tags can easily get lost or thrown away, but they has to be sticked to your luggage for so many good reasons. But you have picture of your baggage tags, nothing can go wrong, these pictures can serve as a significant proof that can allow you to get good compensation in an unfortunate situation.

Your photo at Terminal Gate

In case of denied boarding, you can directly take this picture out and show that you have been on time. Make sure your photo should show clock or watch as a time stamp that can save you from travel losses and get you denied boarding compensation.

Quick click of your boarding pass

This is one of the important documents or receipt while travelling and they often gets misplaced. So to save yourself from losses, you must first click boarding pass as soon as you get it because this is one important thing that you will while raising your claim with the airline.

If not this, you can also download Mr Boie app, and upload all your travel documents there so that you don’t have to worry about misplacing them.

Well, these are some of the important travel photography tips that you should not miss out. Take pictures of all the essential items and documents that you are carrying while travelling. In case of flight disruption or any unfortunate situation, these pictures will support your issue and help you get the flight compensation soon.

If you face any problem while raising claim for flight compensation, you can directly contact refundme.in and our team will assist you and guide you through the claim process and help you get the flight compensation faster.

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