ETIAS: A Complete Guide for Travellers

ETIAS: A Complete Guide for Travellers


This is exactly the guide that you will need if you are planning to take a trip from America to many European countries. Planning a travel is beyond searching for hotels, booking flight tickets, and so on, you will need to take extensive steps with respect to European Travel Information and Authorization System, which is known as ETIAS.

Ready to plan your dream travel? Will ETIAS process delay your plan with respect to crossing borders? Wait. There are about 45% of Americans who do not know what ETIAS is and how it works? Being an air passenger rights expert, refundme.in is there to help you out. We are going to cut down everything in a small and easy guide that will help you understand everything which is implemented within this new system.

What is ETIAS?

The acronym of ETIAS is European Travel Information and Authorization System, which is a special authorized body that will be necessary to enable your entry within the Schengen zone.

ETIAS was introduced by the European Commission in September 2016, which works as a security concern to manage travellers entering Schengen zone countries. The system will keep tracking the travellers as they travel across the Schengen zone in order to keep safety in place.

Is ETIAS the same as Visa?

Although it is referred to as the ETIAS Visa, the authorization process does not take as lengthy approval as a Visa. All the countries across the world practice different visa processes and requirements that include a lot of paperwork to enable your travel, work or educational tour.

When Will the ETIAS be put into practice?

To get an approval to travel within the Schengen Zone, you will need to submit an ETIAS application. This process will be started after January 2021.

What are the Countries that come under ETIAS?

The European Travel Information and Authorization System covers all the 26 Schengen zones located within Europe. Following are the countries that are included in ETIAS:

ETIAS Countries

Why do I need ETIAS?

It does not matter whether you are planning to travel for work, vacation, business, or any medical reasons, you need to submit the ETIAS application.

Besides valid passports, the ETIAS is really important if you are seeking entry into the countries within the Schengen Zone.

Things I need to apply for the ETIAS?

One official document that you will need to submit is your ETIAS application, a valid passport. There are certain specifications that you need to consider that is – you passport should be machine readable, digital photograph, and in some cases you will need an electronic chip.

How much time will the ETIAS process take?

To complete the ETIAS application process, you just need 10 minutes. After filling all the personal information correctly including your travel details and other required information, you will be notified about your eligibility within a few minutes.

Once all your information gets verified and confirms you risk-free, then you will receive a notification about your approval. If your application is rejected for some reason, it will be verified manually and that will take up to 2 weeks.

What can be the reasons for ETIAS application rejection?

Each application will undergo so many processes and databases such as Europol, SIS, VIS and so on. The ETIAS will see if you have been deported or rejected from other countries or have any criminal history. If any application will see a slightest of fraudulent information or anything that raises security risks, then the application will be rejected.

If you think your application has been rejected without any reasons, you will also get the chance to appeal the decision and resend your application.

How much does the ETIAS application cost?

The ETIAS will cost you €7 or $8 per application. You can pay directly through the website before the processing of your application.

What is the validity period of ETIAS?

If your application is approved, it will be valid for 3 years. During such time, you will be allowed to visit anywhere in the Schengen states. Make sure your visit should not exceed 90 days within a 180-day period.

Do you know you can claim compensation for disrupted flights within the time period of your ETIAS validity? You can claim on refundme.in and get compensation for delayed or cancelled flights.

Is ETIAS also necessary for children?

No matter what age, from infants to elder ones, all will be required to complete the ETIAS application in order to travel to anywere within the Schengen Zone.

Is ETIAS only required for U.S citizens?

It is required for everyone from any country. Even if there are countries that do not need visa to enter but have to apply for ETIAS to enter into the Schengen Zone. There are a total 57 countries outside the EU whose citizens will have to apply for an ETIAS including Singapore, Brazil and Australia.

Does the U.S also follow the same system like ETIAS?

Yes. In January 2009, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) became compulsory for people travelling to the U.S which is also a part of the Visa Waiver Program. This process will cost you $14 per application for the people who will travel the U.S for less than 90 days.

Well, we have offered you the complete information about the ETIAS that you need to know as a traveller. We at, refundme.in, always want you all to be well-prepared before you are ready to fly. If your flight is getting delayed or cancelled or denied boarding, you can claim and get your flight compensation faster.

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