Flight Cancelled Amidst Coronavirus? Don’t Settle For Airline Credit

Flight Cancelled Amidst Coronavirus? Don’t Settle For Airline Credit

Air travel has been severely affected by the Novel Corona Virus Pandemic which resulted in consecutive cancellation of domestic and international flights. On one side, airlines had to take up the highest number of inquiries and on the other side, the long process leaves passengers with mostly one choice, Credit Notes. 

Through this article, I would do my best to encourage each and every passenger to avoid settling for airline credit if your flight has been cancelled. 

What Airlines Don’t Discuss?

Even after having a hard situation, many airlines have been providing alternative flight options and flexible cancellation policies. Airlines kept updating their policies after every announcement by the Government. Each airlines’ policy had one thing in common and that is – No discussion on flight cancellation compensation or refund.    

What does Regulation say?

On April 16th, the Ministry of Civil Aviation released a circular which clearly states that, If a passenger has booked a ticket during the lock-down period for both domestic and international air travel and the passenger seeks a refund, the airline shall refund the full amount without levying cancellation charges.

On April 3rd, the U.S Department of Transportation issued a notice and obligated all the airlines to provide a refund to the passengers if the flight gets delayed or canceled.

Can Airlines Offer Alternative Compensation?

Yes, they can if you accept. Typically, most of the airlines have been pushing credit notes to the passengers which can be used for so many months in future. I have heard the distress of many passengers that they have a hard time reaching customer service and the long waiting process leaves them with no other choices than to settle for credits. 

How to Get a Cash Refund?

The first thing to do is to contact the airline’s customer service representative and then ask them for a cash refund. If it requires, you should also reach out the manager that can help you with the cash refund.

Nothing Worked, What Else Can I Do?

You can reach out to us at refundme.in and you will get the correct guidance on how you can get your cash refund. Our advisory team will manage your issues and give you the best possible solution because we fight for your rights.

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