Hassle-free Travel with Mr Boie – Fly Paperless, Fly Touchless!

Hassle-free Travel with Mr Boie – Fly Paperless, Fly Touchless!

Hey Travellers!

Now air travel is not as comfortable as it used to be. The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed the dynamics of air travel  in every possible bit. From airport to aircraft, from security check-in to baggage submission, every functioning has been changed.  

As a traveller, you should know what you should be doing during your air travel. Although airport authorities are taking strict precautions to save travellers from infection by getting their aircrafts sanitized and ensure safety measures to be followed by every staff, still we need to be cautious in every way possible. 

To add more safety and security, Mr Boie has come up with a lot of ideas to protect you from the corona infection. 

Paperless Travel

Sounds amusing? Right? How can one travel without travel documents or other physical papers? It is now possible with Mr Boie. You don’t have to worry about touching documents or getting them touched by security staff. 

All you have to do is to download Mr Boie, open Manage Document feature, where you can simply upload all the documents that you need while travelling. Whenever it is required to show, access them online and get your security done. Isn’t it simple and safe? 

Go Touchless

We never imagined that Money can be a dangerous thing to hold. But this coronavirus left no chance to scare us. We all need money while travelling but holding them or keeping them in pocket can cause a lot to us. 

So, to bring more peace and safety to your travel, Mr Boie has one more feature called Expense tracker, where you can track your expenses by making online payments. Do everything digitally, because coronavirus can’t reach there. 

Flight Information

You don’t have to roam around and touch different bulletins to know about your flight. With Mr Boie, you can get all the possible information about your flight arrival/departure time, Terminal, Aircraft, Baggage belt, and more. 

Have you been planning to travel lately? Have Mr Boie along. This app is so self-sufficient that you don’t have to switch between apps and websites to know details, you will get everything you need for your travel. 

Have a Safe Journey! 

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