Do’s & Don’ts While Travelling Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Do’s & Don’ts While Travelling Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus has been one of the massive disruptions so far. The outbreak has changed the whole dynamics of air travel. From affecting airlines’ operations to closing down on-board amenities, from restricting staff to passengers’ suffering. 

Coronavirus – A New Normal

We have been locked down for quite sometime and during the time, we have seen that the effects are mind boggling. It is affecting health, finances and eventually the global economy at large. But, sooner or later we came out of this shell and started the operations. 

Most of the countries have liberated the nation from lockdown and advised to take necessary precautions, whereas some countries still chose to stay home. In this health crisis, airlines have decided to put operations at work and people are choosing to travel. 

Here’s what you should be knowing before you get on board:

1. Maintain Social Distance

Follow social distancing norms very strictly and try not to touch things unnecessarily. While following this basic rule, you can lessen the chance of getting infected and have safe travel.

2. Go Cashless & Touchless

Coronavirus spreads with touch and it can be present on the cash, coins, and travel documents. Make sure you make payments digitally and upload documents on Mr Boie and access them electronically.

3. Limit your Baggage

As prescribed by the authorities, keep as limited luggage as possible. You are only allowed to travel with one check-in bag and one cabin bag, so that you can avoid using trolleys and travel with ease.

4. Ensure web check-in

As a responsible traveller, avoid standing in queue and keep as minimum interaction as possible. Make sure you do web check-in and avoid the chances of getting infected. 

5. Take all the Safety Precautions

To travel safe and reach home healthy, you need to take all the preventive measures to fight coronavirus. Wear a mask, face shield, gloves, and keep sanitiser handy to maintain proper hygiene.

6. Containment Zone? Avoid Travel

If your locality comes under a containment zone, where there are a high number of positive cases then, you should avoid to travel. There are so many apps developed by the regulatory bodies where you can easily check the situation of your zone. In India, Arogya Setu is one app that contains all such information.

7. No Eatables on Board

Do not carry eatables when you are flying. Although airlines strictly follow the guidelines, if you are planning to take any meal or drinks, avoid doing that.

8. Leave Middle Seat Vacant

As per the reformed guidelines, it is necessary to keep the middle seat vacant to ensure proper social distancing and minimize the chance of getting infection.

9. Avoid Using Toilet

Air passengers should be restricted to access toilets on flights as a part of wide-ranging Coronavirus safety recommendations. Do not make a queue outside the washroom and ensure minimum movement on the aisle.

10. Cooperate with Staff

For the very first time, we all are going through so many restrictions and limitations. But, we need to understand, it is for our good. Hence, as a responsible traveller, be gentle with the staff and help them in the process.

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