Travelling Again? Travel Fearless With Mr Boie This COVID-19

Travelling Again? Travel Fearless With Mr Boie This COVID-19

Hey Travellers, 

Planning to travel? Travelling in the time of Covid19 does not seem pleasant and involves a lot of risk. Despite this, people are choosing to travel and expecting it to be safe and healthy. 

Well, that’s all expectations, and if we don’t keep important things handy, we will surely fell into a bigger pit.

As a traveller, you should be cautious during your air travel. Although airport authorities take strict precautions to save travellers from infection by getting their aircrafts sanitized and ensure safety measures to be followed by every staff, still we need to be careful.

To add more safety and security, Mr Boie has come up with a lot of ideas to protect you from the corona infection. 

Access Documents Electronically

Amazed? How can one manage or access travel documents digitally? It is now possible with Mr Boie. You don’t have to worry about touching documents or getting them through a lot of physical contacts.

All you have to do is to download Mr Boie, open Manage Document feature, where you can simply upload all the documents that you need while travelling. Whenever it is required, access them online and get your work done. Isn’t it simple and safe? 

Travel With A Money Manager

Having a money manager with you is a boon in these times because we never imagined that Money can be a dangerous thing to hold. We all need money while travelling but holding them or keeping them in pocket can cause a lot to us. 

So, to bring fearlessness and safety to your travel, Mr Boie has one more feature called Expense Tracker, where you can track your expenses. Do everything digitally, because coronavirus can’t reach there. 

Have you been planning to travel lately? Want a fearless travel? Put your hands on Mr Boie and this app is so self-sufficient that you don’t have to switch between apps and websites to know details, you will get everything you need.

Have a fearless Journey!

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