10 Things to Know Before Booking Your Next Domestic Flight

10 Things to Know Before Booking Your Next Domestic Flight


As we have been informed about the release of domestic flights from May 25th in a staggered way. However, there are more information and details about the aviation plan is yet to come. In the chaos, if you are looking to book a domestic flight, there are some of the important things to consider.

Let’s look at the checklist before booking your flight.


Being a traveller, you should know how to plan the entire journey including the flights between origin and destination you are travelling through, you need to ensure that cities you need to travel have low probability of flight getting cancelled. Time and again, Government will update the existing guidelines with new restrictions, so you need to plan accordingly knowing the passenger guidelines in mind.

ePass Ticket

Make sure you know whether you would need a pass to reach your destination or the validity of such passes through which you can reach easily.

Quarantine Policy

Know the cities that follows quarantine on arrival, cost and duration of quarantine. And be prepared that your neighbours would be scared after your travel.


How to arrive at your home from air terminal Will there be /auto/taxi? What might be the cost of such vehicle? Need to factor flight timings and nearby curfews likewise (model if flight is at 8 AM nevertheless you have to arrive at air terminal by 5 AM while there’s time limit till 7 AM in the city, what to do? Will there be exceptions)?

Cash Refund

What might happen to your ticket cash on the off chance if symptoms started to occur between now and travel date? Will you get flight ticket refund or get your flight rescheduled for free?

Travel Risk

What are the odds of finding disease during the trip? Would you like to urgently take that risk? Do you have good immunity system?

Learn to be with new normal

Do you have everything that your airline is requesting that you bring? Practically all carriers will make it compulsory for travelers to bring their own precaution kits. You might be approached to bring your own food and so on. Chennai air terminal isn’t giving any trolleys now, such a large number of different changes are being figured.

Have an Alternative

Say you figure out how to arrive at the destination however not ready to get an arrival flight, or your flight is dropped for certain reasons upon the arrival of takeoff, or state one individual is discovered positive so everybody on the flight is sent to detachment ward-would you say you are set up for these inevitabilities?

Ticket Fare

Ticket costs are probably going to be high during beginning days as carriers envision demand. You’ve to choose if you need to follow through on this significant expense or trust that seven days for tickets will get less expensive or attempt different options, for example, prepare or delay your trip for some time.

Financial Stability

If you’re reserving for a flight seat half a month from now and the flight is known to be have serious monetary crisis, you may lose all your cash if airline fails before your actual travel date.

Dear traveller, make sure you note these things down to have a flawless journey!

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