Why Mr Boie is a Perfect Travel Companion?

Why Mr Boie is a Perfect Travel Companion?

Air travel is not as flawless and smooth as it used to be before the hit of Covid-19. This CoronaVirus pandemic has forced to look air travel differently and forced us to take charge of ourselves to come out safe and healthy.

From airport to flight, from submitting baggage to security check-in, we have to undergo a hectic process of putting ourselves into thermal screening and try to be as contactless as possible in order to be safe and away from corona infection.

Within such challenging times, we have something that can be a perfect travel companion. Yes, that’s Mr Boie, your travel assistant. The Mr Boie app will guide you, inform you, and take charge of you during your air travel. Let’s get into it further.

Let Mr Boie handle your documents

Yes. Mr Boie can carry your travel documents throughout and set you free from holding any documents or exchanging them. Wondering how? So, Mr Boie app has a feature called “Upload Documents” where you can easily upload all the necessary documents that you would need during your travel and you can access them electronically whenever it is required.

With this feature, you can eliminate making contacts or touching them, which can eventually help you stay out of risk.

Get Timely Reminders

One of the challeging part of travel is remembering all the essentials when planning a travel. And if by any chance, we forget to carry any important beloging, the results would leave us horrified. So, to lessen your trouble, Mr Boie can help you make a checklist and keep sending you timely reminders to eliminate the last-minute embarrasment.

Be Updated

Mr Boie is one of the essential apps for travellers. Because it not only make your travel smooth but also keep updating and informing about everything in real-time. Whether you want your flight details, baggage belt, airport itinearies information, or anything, you will get everything on Mr Boie App.

Predict Flight Delay

Yes, you can predict whether your flight will be delayed or not. This is such an amusing feature that Mr Boie has. All you need to do is to download the Mr Boie app, click on the delay prediction feature, enter your flight details and get instant results.

So, are you planning to travel anytime soon? Fly with Mr Boie. This app is easy to use and self-sufficient that you don’t have to switch between apps to know the essential details. Whatever you would need, you will get it on Mr Boie app.

Travellers, it’s time to make travel easier!

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