CoronaVirus: How to Practice Social Distancing on a Flight?

CoronaVirus: How to Practice Social Distancing on a Flight?

We never imagined that social distancing would become a major concern. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, government and health officials around the globe are taking serious steps and urging people to follow social distancing. 

However, social distancing may be difficult to practice in confined areas, especially on flights. Therefore, so many airlines are taking preventive measures and making people follow social distancing even on-board. 

Here are some of the social distancing ideas that can be followed, if you are on flight.

Keep Middle Seat Vacant

After the declaration of government, airlines have been encouraged to follow social distancing on flight. Passengers as well as airlines were requested to keep the middle seat vacant to ensure health protection of the passengers and the crew on board. 

Assigning Seats

There are so many airlines that are working to employ social distancing on board by giving opportunity to passengers to sit next to the empty seat. Wherever there are empty seats, agents are encouraging passengers to sit next to it to ensure proper distance between the passengers and protect them from the virus spread. 

Proper Deplaning  

When landing, cabin crew encourage passengers to practice social distancing while deplaning. It is done in a very responsible way where the crew ask everyone to be seated until the row in front of them gets vacant. So, if you are flying, make sure to follow it responsibly while deplaning. 

Take Responsibility

Other than facemask and sanitiser, social distancing is one important practice that has to be done by every individual on board. As a responsible traveler, you should know that everyone will have a different experience with the virus, some may be more sensitive to the risk than the others. 

Respect the rules of the airlines.  Ensure your safety and the people around you by practicing proper social distancing.

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