How Mr Boie Reforms Air Journey of Travellers?

How Mr Boie Reforms Air Journey of Travellers?


Plan your travel smartly; predict flight delays, maintain expenses, upload documents, get flight and airport information, and finally claim flight compensation.

Travelling needs extensive planning and a smart travel plan makes all the difference. Thankfully, there is Mr Boie, a smart mobile app that is specially designed for travel and you can get the best experience out of it. With this new-age mobile app, you can plan your trip, prepare checklist, manage expenses, search for airport itinerary, flight info and so on that we will discuss one by one later in this blog.

Manage Documents Digitally

Amazed? How can one manage or access travel documents digitally? It is now possible with Mr Boie. You don’t have to worry about touching documents or getting them through a lot of physical contacts.

All you have to do is to download Mr Boie, open Manage Document feature, where you can simply upload all the documents that you need while travelling. Whenever it is required, access them online and get your work done. Isn’t it simple and safe?

Maintain Checklist

One concern that every traveler go through is – “missing or forgetting important belongings” but to cut down your worry, Mr Boie has integrated checklist and set reminder feature where you can list down the important things to carry and set a reminder. You will get timely notification and this will eliminate the last-minute embarrasment.

Predict Flight Delay

Yes, you can predict whether your flight will be delayed or not. This is such an amusing feature that Mr Boie has. All you need to do is to download the Mr Boie app, click on the delay prediction feature, enter your flight details and get instant results.

Get Instant Information

We love to explore everything when we are traveling even if it is airport. But the challenging part is finding a specific outlet or itinearary. If you are at airport and searching for food court, shopping, or smoking zone; Mr Boie can take you anywhere you want to go at the airport.

Whereas, if you are trying to find flight information, Mr Boie can tell you arrival or departure time. The app can even tell you Terminal gate and baggage belt.

Cab Booking

Leave the stress of switching between multiple apps to get your work done. You can now even book a cab on Mr Boie and reach your destination easily. Mr Boie even offer Sakha cabs, women-driven cabs that ensures complete safety and security of women travellers.

Rating & Review

Don’t neglect your airport or flight experience as it is also a part of travel. Through Mr Boie, you can rate your experience and share a brief review about the experience and educate other travellers too.

Share Travel Stories

Travel is all about making stories but we don’t really share them with people. But, with Mr Boie app, you can share your travel pictures and videos, and inspire other travellers.

Claim Flight Compensation

Flight Disrupted? Don’t worry when you have Mr Boie with you. You review the passenger rights on the app itself and raise your claim ticket on the app; you will get instant assistance and help you get compensation that you are entitled to.

Get Mr Boie Now!

If you want less trouble and more joy, you must download the Mr Boie app on your smartphone. Trust me can handle everything and transform your travel into a lifetime experience.

Travellers, say yes to smart travel!

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