How can I Get the Flight compensation with Mr Boie app?

How can I Get the Flight compensation with Mr Boie app?

Flight Compensation With Mr Boie App

Hey travellers,

Have you been into trouble because of Flight delay? Flight cancellation? Or denied boarding? You have a right to claim and get compensation in return under European law.

Under EU regulation 261/2004, passengers are entitled to get up to €600 compensation. Let’s discuss about your air passenger rights and later we will give you step by step guide about how you can claim flight compensation on Mr Boie app.

Flight Cancel Compensation

If your flight has been cancelled, your compensation depends upon the distance. Besides, you also have the right to take an alternative flight or receive a full refund.


Flight Delay Compensation

Similar to flight cancel compensation, your compensation depends upon the distance for the flight delay compensation under EU law. Following is the table that will give you an idea about your eligibility for the compensation.

Flight Compensation

Denied Boarding Compensation

If you end up being denied boarding, there are two possible scenarios:

If you voluntarily give up your seat, you may get some special travel vouchers or full refund of ticket or an alternative flight.

If you are denied to board against you will:

You will get compensation depending on the distance. Besides, the airline will still have to reimburse you or offer you re-routing, irrespective of this compensation.

How to claim with Mr Boie app?


Let’s now discuss step by step process to claim compensation through Mr Boie app:

Step 1: Download Mr Boie App (available on Playstore and Applestore)

Step 2: Click on Claim icon

Step 3: Fill out your flight details

Step: 4: Get notified about the compensation amount

Step 5: Our team will process the compensation

Step: 6 You will get the money back in your wallet.

Well, this is one the easiest way to raise a claim i.e. through Mr Boie app. You can also visit our website: refundme.in and raise your claim there. Our team will get in touch with you and help you get the compensation by protecting your air passenger right.

Have a great experience!

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