EU261 Regulation – Am I Eligible for Flight Delay Compensation?

EU261 Regulation – Am I Eligible for Flight Delay Compensation?

EU261 regulation

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot for air travel as well as for the passengers. Keeping the air passengers rights in mind to protect travellers from the mismanagement of the airline or flight disruption, we are here to guide you about the passenger rights and we can also help you get the flight compensation up to €600.

Let us find out if you are eligible for flight compensation under EU261 regulation:

Facts Check

The first thing that we need to do is to get our facts checked to find out if you are eligible for flight compensation. Answer these questions before proceeding for claiming process.

  • Has my flight got delayed for more than 3 hours?

  • Was my flight cancelled under 14 days before the scheduled departure?

  • Have I missed coonecting flight due to late arrival?

  • Was I denied to board flight in the EU?

If all your answer says “YES” then Congratulations! You are eligible for flight compensation. You can claim for flights you took in the past 6 years and get money back from your airline as compensation against disrupted flight.

Flight Delay: What are the reasons?

There may be a lot of rational reasons for which flight gets delayed and many of them are covered in the EU guidelines and some are not. Following are some of the reasons why flights can be delayed. If the airline is responsible for the delay, then you are eligible for flight delay compensation and if delay happens because of ‘extraordinary circumstances’, you may not be eligible for flight delay compensation.

What are Extraordinary Circumstances?

People gets little confused with this one, but we would love to guide you through it. Under the EU 261 regulation, ‘extraordinary circumstances’ are considered those situations which are not in airlines’ control such as – severe weather conditions, air traffic, radar failure, emergencies, political unrest and so on.

In the above mentioned situations, airline is not liable to pay you any flight compensation and if the reason of your flight delay is beside ‘extraordinary circumstance’, then you are eligible for flight compensation up to €600.

Flight Delay Compensation

There is a specific criteria for flight delay compensation that depends on the distance that your flight has covered and for how many hours it has been delayed. Depending on a few variables, you will be eligible to get the compensation.

Lets look at the eligibility criteria for the flight delay compensation:

Flight Delay Compensation

Final Words

Unlike before, passengers are empowered and completely protected under the air travel regulations granted by the authorities to make their travel experience worthwhile and save them from unnecessary travel losses.

We, at refundme.in, protect passenger rights and help passengers get the flight compensation that they are entitled to get. We are now serving 5 jurisdiction under one roof – Europe, India, Canada, Turkey, Ukraine. If your flight has been disrupted in any of these regions, you can come to us and we will help you get the flight compensation.

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