What is “No Win – No Fee” Claim?

What is “No Win – No Fee” Claim?

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Mostly it is assumed that no matter how minor the cost is, you will have to pay for all the goods and services. Somewhere, it is true for budget airlines. However, we at refundme.in exercise “no win-no fee” policy.

How does it work? Let me explain.

refundme.in is not an NGO rather, it is a business to make people aware of their air passenger rights and help them get the compensation that they are entitled to, and that’s when 25% remuneration comes in the picture – that is some proportion of your flight compensation that you give us if we win.

Here ‘if’ is not just a Conjunction, it has a value.

Let’s suppose you had a flight disruption – it is either a flight cancellation, flight delay, or denied boarding – where you are eligible to claim for flight compensation. However, as per the EU 261/2004 and DGCA CAR (Indian) regulation, which highlights not only your rights as air passengers but also offers compensation eligibility, which means that there are some exceptions where airlines do not owe you any sum of money.

Keeping the above thoughts in mind, the below-listed process will help you check whether you are eligible for flight compensation or not.

1. If your flight has got delayed/cancelled/overbooked.

According to the prescribed manifesto, if your flight arrived three or more hours late, you are eligible to get compensation under EU regulation while meal and refreshments under DGCA regulation.

If your flight got cancelled without giving 14 or more days prior information, you will get compensation.

If the airline denied you to board the flight because it sold more tickets than the available seats, you deserve compensation.

2. If your flight operates within the limits of regulation.

For the flight compensation eligibility, your flight has occurred within the area associated with the regulation or where the laws are applied. In such cases, you can apply for compensation if:

  • Your flight has departed from an airport located in the EU/India country

  • You are travelling through EU/India registered aircraft and landed at the airport located in the EU/India.

3. If it is an airline’s mistake.

If any flight disruption occurs because of the airline, you are deemed to get compensation. Although there are some exceptions for flight delay and cancellation but no exceptions in case of denied boarding, you are entitled to get compensation.

According to the above conditions, some claims will be compensated and some won’t. And that’s when our ‘no win-no fee’ policy comes in, which means you, as our client, will not give us anything if the claim is unsuccessful. Our claim experts will review your case and if we didn’t win your compensation, we won’t charge you anything.

This is such a winning proportion that refundme.in offers to the flyers. You are neither risking anything nor losing anything by trying. You just need to claim and see what happens next.

We make sure that you get the compensation even if we need to take the claim to the courtroom. All the expenses will be borne by us and if we win, you don’t have to pay any additional cost except 25% of your claim.

So, there is no risk involved in the whole compensation process through refundme.in. The moment we start on your behalf, we’ll take care of all the communication happening with the airline or legal compliance. So, if you have encountered any flight cancellation, delay or denied boarding, you can immediately contact refundme.in and you will know we can do so much together.

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