Hand Luggage Rules: What You Should Avoid?

Hand Luggage Rules: What You Should Avoid?


You should be a big advocate when it comes to packing luggage for Air travel. You have to pick each item quite carefully otherwise; one wrong item can create a big fuss around.

Pack less stuff so that you don’t have to lug around with the heavy baggage and also avoid paying extra baggage fee. Besides these tiny tips, you should also be aware what not to carry in your hand-luggage, because as I said earlier, one item can create a lot melodrama, either you will have to go back home and leave it there or deal with the checking luggage.

Liquids over 100ml

Although enforcement may vary but, restriction of liquids is everywhere these days. Almost all airlines follow the same rule i.e. Liquids must be contained no higher than 100 ml, all liquid containers must be put into a transparent plastic bag.

Liquids include:

  • All drinks including Water

  • Soup, Jam, Butter, Syrup

  • Toiletries including Shampoo, Lotion, Oil

  • Cosmetics including Lip gloss, perfume, lip gloss

  • Contact lens solution

  • Hair Gel and Shower Gel

I know you must be thinking – how about liquid medication? So, it varies from country to country, so before you pack, you must check with the flying rules. In most cases, you should let the screening agent know that your liquid medication is additional liquid besides 100 ml liquid.

Sharp Objects

It is self-explanatory. They are prohibited in the hand luggage because they can be used as weapon. If you really want to carry things like – knife, cutter or sword you must pack them in your checked luggage.

Let’s look at the list of items which are allowed and which are not:


Every country has its own flying rules so, you must always check everything before you pack your bags.

Sporting Equipment

Bats, ski poles, pool cues, bows and arrows, hockey sticks, golf clubs, and basically like other sporting gear containing the words stick, shaft, bat or club can’t be expedited the plane as hand luggage. That is on the grounds that they could be utilized as a weapon. If sporting is a part of your travel, think about leasing equipment at your destination rather than carrying them along.

In case you’re very appended to utilizing your own athletic gear, you’ll likely need to check it.

Roller skates are permitted in lightweight things. Strangely, the TSA site expresses that it’s alright to bring ice skates in your carry-on luggage. I don’t know I need to test this one, so you also must.

Musical Instruments

Oh yes, for that you need to contact your airline before you book your ticket. You may need special arrangements; you may have to buy an extra seat. So, you probably have to check with the airline itself.

Flammable Items

Who would want to see airplane on fire? Of course, no one. So, it is always suggested to avoid all flammable items. Besides this, you can carry only one lighter, e-cigarettes, vape in your hand luggage. And the vape and lighter will also be included within the liquid allowances.

Avoid Chemical and toxic substances, arms and ammunitions, work tools like drilling machine, nail gun, blowtorch or anything which can be dangerously harmful.

Final Words

So, this list of what you should avoid in your hand luggage includes the basic and major things. Different countries have different regulations, so it is important that you go through the website before you fly. Also, one more thing, be practical about picking things and if any restricted item is a part of your travel, make sure you buy them once you reach the destination.

At last, Be a responsible traveler!

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