Best Travel App for Vacation and Business

Best Travel App for Vacation and Business


We always look forward to a well-organized vacation which doesn’t create any fuss in between. Well, that’s all expectations, and if we don’t keep important things handy, we will surely fell into a bigger pit.

In a Digital Nomads culture, we need to be smart and quick. You can stop a lot of embarrassing moments to happen, if you travel like a smart traveler.

There are a lot of travel apps floating on the digital market that helps you experience an easy travel but, the only concern that comes in is that, they all are segregated and have specific functions.

Meaning you are required to install so many different apps for flight tracking, budget travel, flight compensation, cab booking and so on. For specific solutions, there are innumerable apps out there.

Now comes the good news – What if you get all of it in one single app? Sounds amazing Right?

Let’s get into it further!

Mr Boie – Your Travel Assistant

Mr-boie  Your Travel Assistant

Traveling is always a fun mixed with little stress and constant prayers that you may not forget to carry your accessory, you may not misplace any document, your flight should not get delayed, and such limitless thoughts. Right? Now there is a better way to deal with such challenges and Mr Boie will help you to surpass all your worries and fears.

Mr Boie is a virtual travel assistant who will assist you throughout your travel with his intelligence and omnipresence. He eats heavy coding and communicate through visuals. He will be there every moment during your travel.

How Mr Boie Helps?

Mr Boie is a perfect combination of updated technology and solution-centered actions. Simply, Mr Boie can do so many things at a time. Let’s discuss his character and why he has become an important conversation.

Create Trip – To begin with, you need to register and tell Mr Boie When and Where are you going by entering your details which includes your destination, airline and date.

Travel Documents – Carrying documents can create a lot of worry. Right? But as long as you have Mr Boie you don’t need to worry about loads of documents like – Photo IDs, Driving License, e-ticket, boarding pass or any other important document. Just upload it on Mr Boie app and travel paperless.

Checklist – Here comes an important one. Gone are the days when you had to prepare a to do list on a piece of paper. With Mr Boie, you can create a to do list and keep tracking what is done and what is left. More to that, Mr Boie will keep reminding you through its alarm if you are forgetting something.

Expense Tracker – It is always wise to travel with a specific budget. But sometimes, we go beyond our budget and regret it later. With Mr Boie, you can set your travel budget and keep a track of your expenses, apply discount coupons and vouchers, and experience a budget-friendly trip.

Delay Prediction – As flight delays are a stochastic phenomenon, which certainly makes you lose your temper. But it is fascinating to ponder their whole likelihood delays, rather than searching for average values. Through machine learning Mr Boie predicts the likelihood your flight is to be delayed.

Airport Details – We love to explore everything when we are traveling even if it is airport. But the challenging part is finding a specific outlet. If you are at airport and searching for food court, shopping, or smoking zone; Mr Boie can take you anywhere you want to go at the airport.

Flight Details – Mr Boie can tell you arrival or departure time. He can even tell you Terminal gate and baggage belt.

Get Mr Boie Now!

If you want less trouble and more enjoyment throughout your travel, you must download the Mr Boie app on your smartphone. Trust me nobody can stop you from becoming a smart traveler, where you can handle everything perfectly without any hassle.

Wish you an error-free travel!

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