These are the 9 must things to do before a long haul flight – by refundme.in

These are the 9 must things to do before a long haul flight – by refundme.in

Long haul flights can be very daunting for people who don’t usually fly long. Before taking such flights, it becomes immense to chose a perfect airline partner with comfy seats, tasty food & a lot of entertainment options.

To help passengers avoid long-haul flight’s suffering, refundme.in – India’s first-ever flight compensation provider has ticked 9 important things that any traveller need to prepare with. Off we go…

1. Select the airline brand consciously

  • Every airline serves different experience & services – not all airlines can be measured as equal.

  • For long-haul flights, keep your eyes to these three metrics – food, entertainment & comfort.

  • Scroll through the apps that share the meals reviews and pictures from different airlines. Research for the meal offerings by the different airlines and select for the suitable.

  • To kill some time on long-haul flights search for airlines with best in-flight entertainment. Go for flights that offer setback screens over overhead screens as setbacks screens offer a variety of movies & entertainment shows rather than the already downloaded ones.

  • There are apps in the market that shares the brief of the seat locations, sizes and even tells whether the seatings have overhead or setback seats.

2. Make sure you know about the aircraft you are flying with

  • Before booking the flights, it’s important to look at the type of aircraft you are going to be seated inside for so long.

  • Check the amount of aisle the aircraft is having, as you wouldn’t certainly want to compete for the space inside the plane with the rest of the passengers as well as with the in-flight staff.

  • Check the aircraft’s configurations before setting yourself up long in a single aircraft.

  • No matter you have a 14 hours long flight or 16 hours one, it won’t be healthy to set yourself in an aircraft that allows seats reclining but obstructs the foot space of others, doesn’t have the capacity to withhold the traffic of passengers on the aisle at once or don’t have enough windows.

3. Do not hesitate to look for an “Upgrade” of seats and comfort

  • Make sure to check strategically during or after the booking seats that whether the airlines offer any free first-class upgrade.

  • Consult the airline partners to check whether they have any such facility available to redeem – so that you can add more to your comfort under the same budget.

4. Sit and plan well for the travel clothing

  • Clothing is one thing that can make or break the comfort while flying, if it’s not planned well – the comfort can go all in vain.

  • Don’t worry, pick clothes that are comfy for sleep, allows you enough space to roll over to your seat to take a good sound sleep. Clothes that are stretchy and flows on your body smoothly.

  • For footwear, wear something that is easy to access, not too slippery, nor too tight. Even if they fall below the seats, they shouldn’t be complicated to reach. And must have a good grip to face the turbulence strongly.

5. Look for the airlines that provide rewards to its frequent fliers

  • If you are a frequent flier with a certain airline, make sure to ask for a frequent flier benefit or reward from them.

  • Select for an airline that you already have a membership to get good rewards.

6. Load your tablet with fresh and compelling stuff

  • If you are going to carry your tablet in that long-haul flight, you need to take time and load it with fresh & new stuff that you would like to get entertained with during that 15-hour long flight.

  • Upload a couple of movies that are on your bucket list and are queued in the watchlist.

  • You can even take the books of any genre – be it drama, fiction, novel in the digital format.

  • You can even add some favourite tunes or melodies to lay and relax in peace.

7. Prepare essentials or survival kit and pack it in the carry-on

  • When flying for the long hours, it will not get tiring for your body but will also get tiring for your skin as well.

  • To replenish and restore your skin’s vitality, make a kit carrying few essentials like an eye mask, SPF creams, lotions, hand cream, face cream, water sleeping mask to soothe eyes, toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitizer, floss and body/face wipes.

  • Use the kit to rejuvenate yourself even while flying high at the altitude of 20,000 ft.

8. Before boarding the flight, set your watch comparable to the destination’s time

  • Exercise little self-discipline and before boarding the flight, make your watches or smartphones time similar to the destination you are planning to reach.

  • You can even use apps that shows real-time of destinations or you can adjust the world clock feature on your smartphones.

9. Download a travel assistant app to guide you with airport itinerary

  • Lastly and most importantly, download the Mr. Boie app from Google play store and Apple app store to get in constant touch with real-time updates & notifications of the airports and their inside spots like – lounges, restaurants, shopping outlets, entertainment activities, attractions and more.

  • The app gives a brief about the airport location, real-time updates related to baggage, platform announcements, flights information.

  • What’s new? The app houses features of flight delay prediction, cab, and meal booking right before the arrival, expense tracker, checklist and traveller’s feed as well. Download the app as your personal travel assistant right now.

About refundme.in

refundme.in is the travel and other emerging technologies-based, smart & automated flight compensation providing company, registering claims for the events of cancelled flights and denied boarding to help passengers get their part of compensation against these odds. Channelling right database from each domestic & international airline to help fliers attain a quick compensation process.

Cancelled flight or denied boarding? – think refundme.in!

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