These are the 10 most luxurious airlines in the world with amazing hospitality

These are the 10 most luxurious airlines in the world with amazing hospitality

Flying becomes inconvenient & disturbing when the flights are crowded with no legroom and the services offered are not as expected. These hectic flights & services are a headache to passengers who are looking for luxurious & comfortable travel.

For them refundme.in – a flight compensation provider has listed the following luxurious airlines that are radiant in looks, lavish in style, comfortable & hygienic for the passengers who want to travel with tranquillity. Here are the world’s 10 best luxurious airlines that are winning travellers heart with their opulence, here we go.

1. Hainan Airlines

  • It’s the China-based popular airline that offers warm & luxurious hospitality to its passengers.

  • This airline’s services are awarded world’s best as it offers

great bedding, attentive services, finger-licking food items, tiny cabins & many other good services.

2. Singapore Airlines

  • This airline offers a comfortable trip with personal cabins to passengers which is designed by Jean-Jacques Coste (a famous designer based out of France). The seats of the cabin are adorned with real leather.

  • The cabin has a personal TV screen & WiFi support to make the journey more convenient for the passengers just like home.

  • The lighting of the airlines is soft & soothing to the eyes.

  • The airline offers fixed back shell seats & cuisines that are delightful for the quick feast.

3. Etihad Airways

  • This airline top in the list of being the most luxurious airline in the world as it offers a double bed suite along with a personal butler & a chef.

  • This airline is no less than the luxurious hotel that services people at an altitude of 35,000 ft.

4. Cathay Pacific

  • Cathay Pacific is a renowned airline brand that operates nonstop flights to Hong Kong & international routes like Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco & New York. Has been awarded four times in a row as world’s best airline at the “World Airline Awards”.

  • The airline offers rich corporate interiors with eyeball grasping sculptures by artists Linda Leviton and Maria Lobo. Statues here reflects the class & elite world.

  • The airline holds the title of being the best airline because it has a record of being on time, offers the finest food up in the air.

  • The brand does the great selection of cheese, main courses & fruits to cater best to its flyers.

5. Emirates

  • The world “Royalty” can be easily replaced with “Emirates”. This airline houses branded & 5-star worthy elements inside its carriers – it has the cutlery set from bands like Royal Doulton Fine China, Robert Welch cutlery and also has Bulgari toiletries to serve flyers with class.

  • Drink lovers no need to worry as the airline offers the finest range of complimentary alcoholic drinks.

  • Travelling with Emirates is not just flying but instead it is an experience that is worth it for every money that flyers spend.

6. Qatar Airways

  • Qatar Airways is one of the top-rated airline brands that serve passengers with all amenities kit and strictly adheres to the “Middle Eastern hospitality standards”.

  • The amenity kit has all the famous brand “Georgio Armani” products.

  • This brand’s carrier is much bigger than the 10 Olympic-size swimming pools.

  • The brand currently serves around 140 destinations.

7. British Airways

  • British Airways hails from the United Kingdom.

  • This airline offers special facial & spa treatments to flyers at an altitude of 40,000 ft ((12,192 m).

  • This brand is the best airline in the world as it sticks to great “traditions” & “class”

8. Korean Air

  • The Korean Air’s carriers are huge in size & can easily accommodate 555 passengers at a time.

  • The food choices & the flight attendant services are par excellence and flyers will definitely end up their journey with great satisfaction level only.

  • The cabins inside the aircraft are spacious & have enough legroom, allowing people to feel comfortable just like home.

9. All Nippon Airways

  • Japan’s All Nippon Airways have a structure like a train cabin but a fancy train cabin.

  • Its boxlike structure offers privacy to passengers with rich designer elements throughout.

  • Flyers also get a personal closet to stock their belongings and an international telephone connection while flying at high altitudes.

10. Virgin Atlantic Airways

  • Virgin Atlantic Airline was introduced in 1984 and since then is serving to various countries around the world.

  • This airline based in California has a comfortable layout – have seats that turn into comfy beds, dimmed & soothing lights and some silent zones to help passengers get their sound sleep.

  • There are internet-enabled touch screens at every seat to help passengers pass their time with some entertainment.

Happy Flying!

So these were the handful number of exotic & luxurious hotels based on their amenities like exotic drinks, scrumptious foods, on-demand cooking or butler services, dining, branded toiletries and much more. Make sure to once in your lifetime experience these world-class & luxury rich airline brands.

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