10 Mistakes every first-time traveller must avoid before flying

10 Mistakes every first-time traveller must avoid before flying

Flying for the first time can be horrifying yet exciting for most flyers, exciting as they are about to witness thrills of first time flying and horrifying as they have to tackle all the preparations, dos and don’ts of flying – which is often different for different people.

If you have planned to book a flight for maybe a favourite vacay spot or some conference meeting at far-flung place, here in the following refundme.in – a flight compensation and air passenger rights provider will guide you with few mistakes that you need to avoid before packing the bags and calling for the cab towards the airport. Off we go…

1. Making an assumption that all airlines allow the same size of carry-on bags

  • International & domestic airline market has different rules & regulations for the limit & size of the carry-on.

  • Stop assuming that your tote or carry-on will be the right fit for any carrier, visit the website of the airline you are flying with to check the bag size restrictions.

2. Packing the large size or bottles of liquid products in carry-on bags

  • While packing the carry-on, don’t carry the liquids, gels or any aerosols more than 3.4 fluid ounces.

  • Pack the liquid in the clear bags or bottles to save time at the security checkpoints.

3. Forgetting to change the phone plans while moving to a different country

  • Before flying, make sure to call your mobile plans provider & buy the best bet data roaming & international calling plans – to save on costs.

  • If not in constant need of cellular data in or around the airport premise, shut it off and connect it directly with the hotel’s wifi.

4. Drawing too much cash before the travel starts

  • You don’t necessarily have to withdraw too much cash before going out, as drawing out too much local currency will invite the eyes of burglars.

  • To stay safe, withdraw the cash based on the budget of your trip, and in any case, you need further cash, you can easily pull it out from the ATM’s at the airport and in the city.

5. Not alerting the banks about the international visit

  • To avoid any hassle with the banks, make sure to notify them about your trip and ask for the credit card with a chip.

  • As gas stations, ticket machines & food stalls of many countries accept cards with a chip only.

6. Not doing the basic research before leaving the doorsteps

  • No matter you are going for some planned or some impromptu trip, take time to do some basic research about the place you are planning to visit.

  • Like the best restaurants to dine with, how to call for the cab facilities or what historical & iconic monuments to watch there.

7. Not cross-checking flight itinerary & details carefully

  • Although you have successfully booked the tickets, travel package and have entered the airport premises successfully, it is a smart move to always double-check your flight itinerary and see if there is some point where you are lacking.

  • Cross-check the time zones, connection times, details of the flight, hotels, transfers, travel documents & more.

8. Not booking the seat that is comfortable & perfect to lay your legs

  • If you are choosy about picking up the seats between windows, aisle or recliners, make sure to choose it early, as seats are filled on first come first serve basis.

  • Select a seat while booking tickets that seems comfortable & perfect to lay your legs long.

9. Not opting for credit cards with a low foreign-transaction fee

  • Credit cards allow travellers to experience best exchange rates – if sales clerk ask whether you want to change in dollars or the local currency of the destination – always opt for local currency as it proffers better rates.

  • Also, choose for credit cards that do not levy heavy foreign transaction costs or fee on your pocket.

10. Not downloading the travel assistance apps

  • Travellers often forget to download one travel app that notifies about the flight updates, airport itinerary and airport announcements in real-time. Having a hard time to find such an app? Fret not, as Mr. Boie app is your personal travel assistant that is all set to guide you on your travel voyage with all travel essentials under one roof.

  • The app lets you prepare travel checklist, calculate budget for a trip, book a cab before arriving at the airport, order favorite meal options from A-rated dining places, have proper briefing of the airport spots, shops & attractions, predict flight delay & estimated time to reach at the airport and connects with other travellers or groups to build a trust-seeking community.

  • The app is available for download on Google play stores and Apple play store.

Stuck with cancelled flight or denied boarding scenario?

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