The Journey of Compensation

The Journey of Compensation

How to claim your compensation in a few simple steps.


The Journey of Compensation with refundme.in

Having a flight disrupted can be frustrating for a traveller especially when you are all set and raring to go. Not only does it cause a lot of inconvenience, it also results in a lot of wastage of time and money. To ensure protection for the air passengers in case of denied boarding and flight cancellations without due notice; compensation is levied.

If you’re entitled to a compensation due to a grievance caused to you w.r.t. air travel, like having your flight cancelled without any notice or being denied boarding, again without any timely notice, you can choose to call the airline or log on to your Booking Facilitator or the Airline website to lodge your complaint.

You will then be redirected through multiple links to multiple pages taking every detail from you in a tediously monotonous and extremely long process, where you will be required to submit proofs at each step. And the validity of your grievance will be questioned at every step, making you consider dropping out of the process just to avoid the intense monotony and hassle of the process.

Then there will be unsympathetic phone calls from airline representatives who are no help at all, telling you again and again that your money will be credited to your account in 10-15 business days. And that you will not get any money for the inconvenience caused to you.

You might want to get legal help at this point, because you know that you’re owed additional compensation for your grievance. But the whole hullabaloo and making rounds of courts to get your compensation from the airline just becomes very disheartening in the end.

And then comes the wait. The endless wait for you to get your compensation, after all the seemingly endless legal proceedings you went through.

So you can choose to do all this on your own, or

You can choose to enrol your claim with refund.me India (refundme.in), following just a few hassle-free steps:

  1. Enter your flight data into the ABL system and you will be notified immediately whether you are eligible for compensation or not.
  2. You will be notified about the amount you will receive as compensation from the airline.
  3. Sign up an attorney from our network of lawyers who will advocate on your behalf.

That’s all you have to do at your end. After you have filed a claim, refund.me India (refundme.in) will contact the airline in question*. If they refuse to pay compensation to you, then refund.me India (refundme.in) will take them to court at no additional cost to you.

refund.me India (refundme.in) has a wide network of lawyers who are experts at gaining compensation from the airlines on your behalf and spare no effort to ensure that you get the compensation owed to you.

What’s more? You only pay if you win your claim. Once the compensation is disbursed from the airline, refund.me India (refundme.in) transfers the amount to your account directly after deducting a sector-low commission.

refund.me India (refundme.in) makes filing a claim much easier for you since the processes do not involve any paperwork, financial risks and are less bureaucratic, while enduring that you get the compensation owed to you for the grievance caused due to flight cancellation or denied boarding.

* refund.me India (refundme.in) team will contact the Airline only if the claim is valid and it meets DGCA regulations.