Tips To Beat The Security Check Queue

Tips To Beat The Security Check Queue

How to beat the Security Check Queue at the Airport to save your time.

We all are aware of the airport security check queue and how we detest it, especially for those morning flights. So it’s important for us to think smart and beat the Security Check Queue with these simple hacks.

Pick the Shorter Queue

This is a very obvious thing to do, but most people miss out on picking a shorter queue. Usually, most airports have more than one check-in counters and it’s a common trend for people to select the queue which is closer to the entrance door of the hallway, therefore, the counters beyond them are usually free. We suggest you to look beyond the queues in front of you, because there will be a shorter one available a little farther.

Prepare your ID and Boarding Pass in Advance

Your Boarding Pass should be in your hand, so that you can quickly access it to present it to the security officer on demand. Make sure you have your passport / ID ready before you even get to the waiting line so that you can easily avoid the bottleneck and be swift when presenting your documents to the checking officer.

Web Check-In

With the help of the internet, you can now check-in online instead of waiting in long queues. Once you check-in with your PNR number, you will have a soft copy of the final Boarding Pass available. All you are left to do is drop your luggage at the one of the Baggage Drop Counters, that tend to have shorter queues, and you are good to board your flight.

Take a Screenshot of your Boarding Pass or Download it

Most people waste time by searching for their online boarding pass on their phones. So, to avoid the entire scenario, make sure you have already downloaded a copy of the same and that it’s on the screen of your mobile device even before you join the queue. This will reduce the overall time you spend standing in the queue and even skipping it entirely if you do not have any baggage to check-in.

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