Now You Can Predict Flight Delay with this App

Now You Can Predict Flight Delay with this App


Wow, technology has got so advanced that even before the notification from the airline, this digital tool can tell you if your flight will be delayed.

We all must have experienced that most of the times airlines are too adamant to notify passengers about the flight delays and usually don’t like the idea of keeping passengers in the dark till the last minute. As a result, we keep ourselves busy with the thoughts like – When will the flight take off? How long will it take? And such questions create a lot of mess inside our brains.

So, refundme.in- India’s first flight compensation provider company decided to move all the passengers with something that can make their travel experience easier and hassle-free.

Lately, the company has launched its revolutionary product called Mr Boie, a personal travel assistant app that can guide you throughout your journey. The app is fully-equipped with advanced features that can fetch you all the important information that you would want while traveling to familiar as well as foreign countries.

Mr Boie – Your Travel Assistant

Mr Boie Travel Assistant

Mr Boie is a perfect combination of uplifted technology and solution-centered actions. Simply, Mr Boie can do so many things at one go. Let’s discuss its  features and why this app is so important that we can’t resist ourselves to talk about:

Special Features:

• Create Trip – To begin with, you need to register and tell Mr Boie When and Where are you going by entering your destination, airline and date.

Upload Documents – if you have Mr Boie, you don’t need to worry about carrying loads of documents like – Photo IDs, boarding pass or any other important document. Just upload it on Mr Boie and travel paperless.

Checklist & Reminder – Make your to do list and keep tracking what is done and what is left. Mr Boie will keep reminding if you are forgetting something.

Expense Tracker – With this, you can set your travel budget and Mr Boie will keep tracking your expenses, applying discounts, and guide you to have a budget-friendly trip.

Web Check-in – With Mr Boie, you don’t have to be physically present at the airport to check-in on time, you can simply do it on the app itself.

Delay Prediction – As flight delays are a stochastic phenomenon, it is fascinating to ponder their whole likelihood delays. Through machine learning Mr Boie predicts the likelihood your flight is to be delayed.

Airport Details – If you are at airport and searching for food court, shopping, or smoking zone; Mr Boie can take you anywhere you want to go at the airport.

Flight Details – Mr Boie can tell you arrival or departure time; even tell you Terminal gate and baggage belt.

• Flight Compensation – In case of flight delay/cancellation/denied boarding or baggage loss/damage/delay, you can simply raise your claim at Mr Boie and get monetary compensation in return.

How Delay Prediction Works?

Mr Boie app uses machine learning algorithms and previous flight status data to predict flight delays with impressive accuracy. Essentially, it analyze the details like location, flight route, aircraft, weather and likewise to draw a pattern that leads to flight delay.

Users just need to enter their flight details on the Mr Boie app, followed by the arrival and destination, they can instantly see I their flight is delayed or not.

Ms. Akanksha Anshu, Managing Director at refundme.in says – “Even if you know that your flight will get delayed, it is important to check-in on time. If you don’t do it, you may fail to get the flight compensation.”

As per the prescribed policies, if you fail to check-in at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure, you will not be eligible to get the compensation, which means that you may lose a chance to get compensation up to 600 Euros.

If you want your compensation, share your details at refundme.in and compensation as per your eligibility. Trust me, you won’t lost anything!
And if you want less trouble, more enjoyment throughout your travel, you must download Mr Boie  on your smartphone and become a smart traveler, where you can handle everything perfectly.

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