Tips to Avoid Flight Delays and Cancellations

Tips to Avoid Flight Delays and Cancellations


Air travelling is fun as long as it does not face any flight delay or flight cancellation. Such flight disruptions can cause a lot of distress for air passengers, but the best thing is that if you meet airlines’ eligibility criteria, you will get the monetary compensation in return.

Yes. There are several reasons for flight delay and flight cancellation such as – bad climate, air traffic, air strike, operational or technical issues. As an air passenger, you can avoid flight delay and flight cancellation by following these tips mentioned below.

  • Early flights are best

To lessen the possibility of flight delay or flight cancellation, try book the very first flight of the day. This is so because early flights have less chance of cancellation due to less rush at air routes than on the other times of a day.

  • Limited Luggage

Pack your bags as small as possible while travelling. Keeping your luggage to a limit ultimately reduces the chance of you being delayed at the airport. If you have plenty of things with you at the time of check-in process, it can cost you quite a lot of time and you might get late to board the flight.

  • Keep updated documents

Having updated documents every time you fly enables you to have a hassle-free experience. Any past or irrelevant information on your travel documents can cause a lot of trouble to you. So, make sure you have valid IDs and passports that are latest or updated with you at the time of travel.

  • Web Check-in

Oh yes, stand in line for check-in is one of the most lengthy and tiring process of the traveling. To make it short and simple, you are suggested to check-in online. You can also download Mr Boie app, available both on Android and iOS, and get done with web check-in instantly.

  • Use Mr Boie App

Most of the airlines and airports have their own app that provides real-time information about the flights to their customers. Besides this, you can also download Mr Boie App that will update you about your flight details, airport details, and about your flight delays too.

With Mr Boie, you can upload your travel documents, track your expenses, create checklist, set reminders, web check-in, claim flight compensation and so on.

  • Know your Rights

As an air passenger you should always know your air passenger rights. Knowing your rights help you in getting entitled compensation amount if your flight gets delayed or cancelled. With Mr Boie, you can also raise your claim and get compensation according to your eligibility.

  • Know how to Claim

While claiming your compensation amount, claim them with some of the finest flight claim compensation companies such as refundme.in. You’re likely to get full assistance with refundme.in, simply raise a ticket on the website with your details and you’re done!

refundme.in is India-based flight compensation provider, that introduces air passenger rights to the travelers, fighting for the claims in scenarios like cancelled, denied & delayed flights. It’s powerful automation & effective database help passengers rejoice the speedy recovery process & sum straight to their bank accounts.

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