Alert! Know-How Airlines Try to Avoid Paying Flight Compensation

Alert! Know-How Airlines Try to Avoid Paying Flight Compensation

It may sound really strange but, airlines do several things to avoid paying flight compensation to the air passengers. Today, we are going to look at the different real-world examples where refundme.in has awarded correct compensation for flight delays and cancellations under EU 261/2004 and Indian DGCA Regulation.

What does EU Regulation 261/2004 say?

Although we have discussed about EU air passenger rights so many times in our previous blogs, but to understand it more easily, EU regulation 261/2004 protects air passenger rights and allow passengers to get the right amount of monetary compensation in case of flight delay, flight cancellation, denied boarding and baggage loss/delay/damage.

Once you understand the basics of it, it will be easier for you to raise your claim and get compensation faster. The following are some of the basic things that you have to keep in mind before raising a claim. You may be entitled to get monetary compensation if your flight gets:

  • Delayed by more than 3 hours

  • Canceled under 14 days before the scheduled departure

  • Overbooked or denied boarding

  • Missed connecting flight

  • Your Baggage gets lost, delayed or damaged

To learn more about EU regulation, Check out here.

What do Airlines do?

The collective data is quite shocking where out of 100 only 10-15 people get the proper flight compensation when their flight gets disrupted. This happens because more than half of the people don’t know about the air passenger rights, and the remaining either do not know how to claim or airlines makes it even difficult for them.

There are lots of passengers who assume that if they’re filing a legal claim, most of the money will be spent on the documentation and hefty legal things, and compensation they will get at the end will be like a grain of sand.

Let us now look at the bunch of situations where airlines play quite smartly:

Extraordinary Circumstances

Now and then, unavoidable circumstances are one of the most common businesses that every industry practices, including the airline industry. However, if passengers ask for a refund or compensation when their flight gets delayed, canceled or missed a connecting flight – airlines tend to cite “extraordinary circumstance’ as a reason.

There have been so many cases where ‘extraordinary circumstance’ proved to be a treat to the passengers because through refundme.in, airlines still paid the compensation to the passengers who suffered.

Technical Issues

Yes, this too has been frequently seen where airlines deny giving monetary compensation to the affected passengers because according to the airlines, flight got delayed because of the technical issues in the aircraft which is out of their control.

But, we at refundme.in, have been helping so many passengers and successfully changed their flight delays and cancellations into monetary compensation because the technical problem is airlines’ responsibility and no passenger should suffer because of it.

Severe Weather Conditions

As we know, the weather is unpredictable but airlines take advantage of it and often cite weather conditions as a cause of flight delays and cancellations. If it is raining or snowing, it does not always mean that conditions are severe and flights cannot be operated, but it is a common excuse that airlines offer to the air passengers against the accountability of their flight compensation.

Goodwill Game

It has been frequently seen that airlines offer a gesture after claiming, meaning, they will try to convince you that you have no right to claim compensation in your case without giving any consideration to your eligibility.

They either offer you compensation less than what you are entitled to get or give you some form of a voucher to keep their brand protected. More to that, if a customer has accepted a voucher, he/she will likely to spend more money on the airline and the vouchers carrying large amounts are never redeemed. In both cases, airline wins.

Final Words

Airlines play quite smart and choose various ways to avoid paying you the flight compensation. The above mentioned are some of the common drills that airlines play to negotiate with your compensation. It is suggested that you must thoroughly read about the air passenger rights to save yourself from such tricks and monetary losses.

If you are struggling to get your compensation from the airline, contact us at refundme.in and drop your case at www.refundme.in/ our team will get in touch with you shortly and fight for your right.

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