Lightweight air travel items for the outdoor adventurer

Lightweight air travel items for the outdoor adventurer

Backpackers have to be very particular about what to pack and what to leave behind. The tricky thing is you need a lot of things to survive at the same time you don’t want to arrive with four bags at the airport. Here one solution is either you choose to survive on what you got or possess the light weighted items to make fulfil the purpose and add very little space in your backpack.

Here are few items perfect for your air travel


1. Lightweight backpack : Prefer lightly weighted backpacks than the suitcases so that your hands are not occupied with the bags handle all the time. With a backpack, you have enough storage and it’s easy to carry.

2. Lightweight packable backpack: If you are planning to have one backpack for the entire trip then might as well have a small packable bag to travel to nearby places.

3. Neck pillow: Neck pillow helps you take a power nap in the unavoidable circumstances such as waiting for the bus to arrive or during air travel.

4. Microfiber Travel Towel: Towels take huge space in the bags and microfiber travel towels only take a slide between your clothes.

5. Universal adaptor Plug: Your Smartphone is your life and what if you realized the plugs you have back home are not the same. Well, universal adaptor Plug is one of the essential for travelers.

6. Reusable water bottle: Reusable bottles can be filled where ever you go instead of buying on the way. Therefore, take a bottle that you can roll and keep in the side pocket of your backpack.

7. Ziplock bags: Extra Ziplock bag is a smart choice made by the traveler. When camping these bags come handy in the journey.

8. Hanging Toiletry Organizer: Now you will never like if your clothes are ruined by a shampoo bottle kept in the bag. The hanging toiletry organizer can be easily tucked in the bag with isolation to other stuff.

9. Head Lamp: Head Lamp is one of the essentials when your battery is dead where you cannot use a flashlight of your phone.

10. Gadgets and power banks: Gadgets can make your travel easy and busy. Tablets, laptops and Smartphones need to be charged all the time and also carry extra power bank.

All these items are lightweight and come handy when travelling overseas or within India. Apart from the useful items, one should be aware of air passenger rights in India. Air passenger rights help the air travellers to claim compensation in case of denied boarding or flight compensation. refundme.in is the first ever flight compensation service provider in India.

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