How to apply for a new passport in India?

How to apply for a new passport in India?

In the past few years, India has really picked up on solving the issues related to the management system. These days the passport applications don’t involve an offline procedure wherein you have to drop by at the government office to complete the process of obtaining a passport multiple times. Government Online portal passportindia.gov.in or Mpassport Seva App has made life easy and international air travelling possible for many. Save yourself some time from reading a long instruction pdf and follow the following three steps.

1. Fill the application form

The first step is to visit the online portal and fill out the application with all the necessary details.

2. Pay and schedule appointment

The next step involves booking an appointment for the verification at the passport office. The online portal is designed to schedule an appointment and the citizen can set the date and time according to the convenience.

3. Visit the nearest passport seva Kendra

After the application is successfully submitted, visit the nearest passport office once with the required documents to complete the verification process and the passport is delivered to your home in a few days.

Online tracking

With the online tracking, the citizen can track their passport delivery and the application when under processing.

Renewal of the passport

Passport renewal process can be availed online and offline mode. It is advisable to go for online mode to save time. Here are the steps one need to follow for the renewal process.

• Online registration for passport renewal process.

• Fill out the application to initiate the renewal process.

• Visit on the scheduled date for document verification.

• Track your application online.

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