How to file a claim for airline compensation?

How to file a claim for airline compensation?

Yes, that’s right the inconvenience caused to the air passengers in India has a compensation to it. Awareness of air passenger rights can help the air passengers to recognize the need for compensation in case of flight cancellation or denied boarding. refundme.in is the first ever flight compensation service provider in India who claims the airline compensation on behalf of the air passenger. As per Directorate General of Civil Aviation guidelines in India, the maximum flight compensation that an air passenger can claim from the airlines is ₹20,000.

There are simple three easy steps to send the query and initiate the claim with the help of refundme.in

1. Enter your flight details

refundme.in has an online claim management system based on the latest technologies. Firstly, the air passenger needs to enter the flight details in the online and portal to verify the flight for which the query is being raised to generate the complaint token.

2. We claim your compensation

refundme.in representatives verify the eligibility of the claim and file the claim on behalf of the air passenger to initiate the compensation process with the airlines. Airline compensation is subjected to the eligibility of the air passenger’s query as per the DGCA guidelines in India.

3. You get paid

On successfully settling the claims for airline compensation, the amount is debited to the air passenger’s bank account with a subtraction fee. In case of unsettled claims, refundme.in charges zero fees from the air passengers and contributes to spreading awareness of air passenger rights in India.

refundme.in believes in No win-No fee mantra initiate airline compensation complaint for air passengers in India. The motive is to helps the air passengers to avail a fair deal of compensation from the airlines and impart the knowledge of air passenger rights among the third largest air traffic nation in the world.

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