CORONAVIRUS: Will I get Compensation/ Refund On a Cancelled Flight?

CORONAVIRUS: Will I get Compensation/ Refund On a Cancelled Flight?

Refund On a Cancelled Flight
Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, the airline industry is going through hard times and passengers avoid traveling to ensure safety. Perhaps, the industry is facing one of the greatest downturns after 9/11, which has resulted in a sprawling situation where passengers are eager to change or cancel their travel plans to protect themselves.

Due to such outbursts, airlines have decided to take precautionary measures and canceled their flights to and from China. Whereas, travel to Wuhan has been strictly prohibited.

Which Airlines Cancelled Their Flights?

British Airways was the first airline to take the initiative of canceling the flights to/from China. After that, many countries have decided to cancel the flights and the government has also participated in this suspension to ensure the safety of the airline representatives as well as the passengers.

List of the airlines that have canceled their flight amid coronavirus pandemic

  • United Airlines

  • Air Canada

  • Air New Zealand

  • Qantas Airways

  • Lufthansa

  • British Airways

  • easyJet

  • Air Seoul

  • Asiana Airlines

  • Air Arabia

  • Bamboo Airways

  • Vietnam Airlines

  • Korean Air

  • T’Way Air

  • Philippine Airlines

  • Singapore Airlines

  • Iraqi Airlines

  • Jazeera Airways

  • Kuwait Airways

  • Thai Airways

  • Japan Airlines

  • Oman Air

  • Turkish Airlines

  • Emirates

  • FlyDubai

  • Gulf Air

  • Cathay Pacific

We have included all the major airlines that have canceled their flights or changed the travel routes to protect themselves against this monstrous virus.

Can I get Compensation or Refund If Flight Got Cancelled Because of Coronavirus?

Although Coronavirus falls under “Extraordinary Circumstances”, which means airlines are not liable to pay you any compensation because flight cancellations are happening for the security measures and to protect everyone from the deadly virus.

Despite all of this, major US airlines like Delta, United and American have decided to issue travel waivers for the flight cancellation. British Airways have issued refunds to the passengers whose flights have been canceled to China. On the other hand, some airlines are not offering any compensation or refund unless the flight gets canceled or change in schedules.

Lately, Indian Aviation Watchdog DGCA has asked international airlines to consider waiving ticket cancellation or other incentives, amid coronavirus outbreak. Let us wait for the action.

What if I have a flight to China?

Even if you have been planning to travel to China, we strongly suggest you postpone your plans because it will not be wise if you put your health at stake. If the airline does not cancel the scheduled flight, make sure you get in touch with them and ask for a refund.

Recently, the US government has extended the travel warning all over China. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has set the highest alert level, level 3. Citizens are requested to cancel all the trips to China which are not important.

What about the Right to Compensation?

As we have mentioned above that the Coronavirus is considered an “extraordinary circumstance”, which means the airlines that have canceled the flight are not obligated to pay compensation to the air passengers. Still, some airlines have started offering refunds, compensation, and other incentives to the passengers.

Having said that, if your flight is canceled or delayed for any reason other than Coronavirus Outbreak, you may be eligible to get compensation up to 600 euros or 45,000 INR under EU 261/2004 regulation and 10,000 INR under DGCA regulation.

You can check your eligibility here and if you have any questions regarding travel disruption, feel free to contact us. Our support team is there to guide you.

Stay Safe! Stay Informed!

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