How Mr Boie Helped Me Managing Travel Documents?

How Mr Boie Helped Me Managing Travel Documents?


Hey Travelers!

We always look forward to a well-organized vacation which doesn’t create any fuss in between. Well, that’s all expectations, and if we don’t keep important things handy, we will surely fell into a bigger pit.

Today, we will be sharing one such travel story. Story of wanderlust from India, she was traveling to Berlin from India and how she managed her travel documents throughout the journey and unlike her friend, how Mr Boie App helped her manage her important travel documents.

“In a Digital Nomads culture, we need to be smart and quick. You can stop a lot of embarrassing moments to happen if you travel like a smart traveler,” said Sheena

While we were doing preparations for Berlin, we had no idea how are we going to manage all of it. The travel was flawless from India to Berlin, we attended the concert and visited all the nearby places.

The tragedy happened when we were coming back. we had to board our flight at 6:00 AM and I don’t know how the partner with me left her Photo ID in the hotel room.

At the gate, she was restricted to enter but thankfully, I had Mr Boie app in my phone, before coming here, I had uploaded all my important travel documents on the app itself so that I don’t misplace anything. The friend along felt upset but learned a lesson that there is always a smarter way to travel.

So with this story, we can understand that carrying documents can create a lot of worries. But as long as you have Mr Boie App you don’t need to worry about loads of documents like – Photo IDs, Driving License, e-ticket, boarding pass or any other important document. You just need to upload it on Mr Boie app as Sheena did and experience the joy of traveling paperless.

There are a lot of travel apps floating on the digital market that help you experience an easy trip but, the only concern that comes in is that they all are segregated and have specific functions.

Meaning you are required to install so many different apps for flight tracking, budget travel, flight compensation, cab booking and so on. For specific solutions, there are innumerable apps out there.

Now comes the good news – What if you get all of it in one single app? Sounds amazing right?

Download Mr Boie App for paperless travel!

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