Travel Tips: Is It Safe To Go Out Amid Coronavirus Pandemic?

Travel Tips: Is It Safe To Go Out Amid Coronavirus Pandemic?

Travel-Tips-for-Coronavirus Pandemic

CORONA! CORONA! When will you go home?

This cry can be heard everywhere and we haven’t seen any relaxation. Nobody knows, when we will come out of this fear of not getting infected.

The situation has become even worse and has become a severe issue for almost everyone, especially for travellers. Countries like China, Italy, South Korea, and Iran have reported the maximum number of cases.

Travellers, you should know that there are health risks involved when you travel. You must keep monitoring your health and take specific measures for your safety. Let us discuss some of the things that you must have been asking yourself.

Want to go out for vacation?

As we know, Coronavirus has taken a monstrous face and its scare could be felt all around the globe. Hence, it is not at all safe to go out by putting your health at stake. According to experts – every individual should keep updating themselves, take necessary precautions and most importantly stay informed.

Is it safe now?

Do not compromise your health. Experts says – Although everyone knows that it is not safe and we haven’t seen a green signal as of now but still, people tend to make naive decisions which can cost them so much.

According to Weisenberg – ‘Travellers should consult with their respective healthcare provide before deciding anything on their own. If they can avoid going out for vacation, they should especially to these countries which includes – China, Italy, South Korea, and Iran.

I Cancelled My Flight. Will I Get Refund?

Possibly not but it also depends upon the airline to airline. In most of the cases, if you do not have fully refundable ticket in your hand, you will have to pay a cancellation fee and which is actually expensive.

Lately, the Government of India has also suspended the visas till April 15th 2020, and this would result in a greater loss to the passengers as well as to the airlines.

What will happen to travel insurance?

Most of the insurance companies have quite specific guidelines under which they will pay you out if you decide to cancel your trip. According to the travel insurance companies, if you choose not to travel because of the fear of getting infected by the coronovirus will not be any specific circumstance. Meaning, if you have taken an insurance for cancel-for-any-reason coverage, then you can recoup up to 70% of the total amount.

Will quarantine happen when I return?

There is no question about it. You will be quarantined. If you travel to a city, where there are not massive amount of confirmed cases but the numbers are increasing day by day, then it possible can affect when you return home.

If you have not been quarantined by the healthcare officials, but so many companies are getting it done for the employees who have been travelling remotely because of work. So, it is better you take suggestive precautions to avoid such happenings.

Is it good to stay home?

Although nothing is safe at this moment, but by limiting your travel until the world gets normal or overpower coronavirus, you must choose to stay home.

Dear Travellers, make sure you keep taking preventive measures so that Coronavirus don’t get a glimpse of you.

Be Safe, Be Informed!

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