4 Real reasons why airlines can subject you to denied boarding without warning

4 Real reasons why airlines can subject you to denied boarding without warning

Denied boarding at last moment can be frustrating for any traveller when no intimation is conveyed, beforehand, especially when you have booked your tickets, arrived the airport gates & were about to make a big step inside the plane – isn’t it?

Sadly, there are a bunch of reasons why your airlines could subject you to denied boarding – read & stay prepared.

And in most of the cases, the denied boarding compensation is not permissible unless & until the reason for denial is overbooking of the aircraft.

Let refundme.in – an air travel compensation provider give you a helping hand with reasons why your airline might deny you to board the aircraft.

1. Major health issues associated with the air passengers

If the flight attendants or the cabin crew feel that you are physically unwell to fly, they have full power to cease you from boarding as passenger’s illness could risk infecting other fellow passengers.

In most cases, passengers caught with sniffles would require to carry a doctor’s prescription or medical note explaining the condition is fit to travel, as there have been cases where airlines stopped such cases from boarding.

You may also check & examine your travel insurance policy to seek whether you are covered or not.

2. Reaching the airport inebriated or intoxicated

Even if you plan to take a pre-flight pint, make sure you do it in moderation, as doing excessively will force the cabin crew to disallow you from boarding.

Make sure to also check out the rules of in-flight drinking to avoid the eyes of cabin crew & attendants.

3. Improper or incomplete travel-related documents

It may seem like an obvious thing to do but make sure to have all your travel-related documents handy & updated.

Make sure to carry the doctor’s prescription for certain medicines or injections along with other documents.

If airlines find your documents seem missing or incomplete, they hold full right to deny you from boarding the flight.

Always, make sure to carry the documents as soft copy in external drives to stay safe in case hard copy goes missing.

4. More passenger than seats – Overbooked flights

It’s a frustrating thing to evidence but airlines often do book the seats more than the aircraft’s capacity – to avoid the cases of no-shows or further loses.

In this case, airlines first ask the passengers to voluntarily give up the seats, here you as a passenger can easily negotiate with the airline with certain cash back or voucher. Volunteers are often rewarded with refunds or the next alternative flights.

But in case if you disagree to give up the seats & airlines still bumps you off the aircraft, you hold the exclusive rights to ask for the denied boarding compensation or compensation for overbooked flights – as long as you reach the airport on time and have a confirmed flight ticket with PNR number, segregated base fare & other fee elements.

The airlines are still entitled to board you in next alternate flight or with a full ticket-value refund.

About refundme.in

refundme.in is India & EU/261 regulated flight compensation provider, helping flyers escalate from the situations of cancelled flight & denied boarding, how? By circulating their air passenger rights & cashing out the compensation amount from the airlines.

The entire process is effectuating as it’s guided by automated backend systems, integrated databases, effective team of problem-solving analysts and good tie-ups with the pool of airline brands.

Can’t wait to turn your denied boarding into cash? Wait no more with refundme.in.

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