World’s largest airlines based on their fleet size – refundme.in

World’s largest airlines based on their fleet size – refundme.in

World's largest airlines

American Airlines with 1,789 fleets is said to be the largest. Airlines are often called largest based on their number of passengers carried, fleet size, asset value, profit generated, number of international passengers carried. Fleet size is basically the number of planes or aircraft housed by the airlines. Ever since passenger demands have been rising, many airlines are increasing their fleet size to meet these rising demands.

Here in the following blogpost, refundme.in – a flight compensation provider has listed the top largest airlines across the globe based on their fleet size.

American Airlines

  • This airline is a major airline of the United States, having headquarters in Fort Worth.

  • This airline is claimed to be the world’s largest as it has huge fleet size, destinations served & revenue generation.

  • The airline operates around 6,700 fleets daily in about 350 destinations.

  • The airline by June 2016 was found operating 1,789 fleets along with its regional partners.


  • Delta-Airlines have their headquarters in Hartsfield-Jackson International airport in Atlanta Georgia.

  • The airline solely operates 5,400 flights both international & domestic flights along with other subsidiaries.

  • The airline presently covers 54 countries of six continents and serves to the 319 destinations.

  • The aircraft housed by this airline are mainly from Airbus, Boeing, McDonell’s Douglas.

  • By June 2016, this airline along with other regional airlines was found operating 1,330 aircraft.

Southwest Airlines

  • Southwest airline is said to be largest low-cost airline in the world, having headquarters in Dallas, Texas, operating around 4,000 flights per day during peak season.

  • The airline operates to 101 scheduled destinations of the US and to other 8 countries as well.

  • As in June 2016, the airline was found operating fleet of 720 aircraft.

  • The airline is the largest operator of Boeing 737 and has been exclusively operating Boeing 737 since its exception.

  • The airline currently houses 87 aircraft of Boeing 737-300, 142 aircraft of Boeing 737-800 and 494 aircraft of Boeing 737-700.

United Airlines

  • This airline is one of the largest airlines in the world due to its vast revenue generation & fleet size.

  • The airline has a headquarter in Chicago, operating with the domestic & international network of Asia-Pacific regions.

  • The airline covers 235 destinations, including around 60 countries from America, Europe & Asia.

  • United Airlines along with its regional partners operates in total 1,229 aircraft.

  • This airline has the majority of Boeing aircraft as Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, and 787 and has Airbuses A319-100, A320-200, and A350-1000.

These were the world’s largest airline brands based on their huge fleet  size.

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