Why knowing the Flight fare breakup for your ticket is important?

Why knowing the Flight fare breakup for your ticket is important?

No matter we are a passenger or a customer, don’t we make sure that our pocket is paying for all the right reasons. Similarly, while we travel with our favourite airline, we expect them to share true fare components and even the slightest of charges they dig from our pocket. Why not? After all, we are rational humans, don’t we need this explanation.

IATA (International Air Transport Association) understood the need to have a truce with passengers and took steps to give price break up on the international air tickets. Parallel to that even DGCA took sheer steps in unbundling the fare prices on an air ticket to help passengers know what they are paying.

Fare Breakup rules by IATA and DGCA

According to rules governing airfare – Rule 135(2) of the aircraft rules 1937 states that airlines must show a consolidate or single fare amount along with its clear breakup in form of– taxes, fees and other charges for the knowledge and convenience of the passengers.

Let’s continue further and understand how the different components of air ticket are important to know for a rational passenger.


Benefits of air ticket components – That no one will tell about!

1. My invisible Base Fare

Base fare is one amount on the air ticket before the addition of – fee, taxes and surcharges. You may or may not have seen this amount of base fare. If you have seen – that’s great, if not- then it is probably because many airlines present this amount inclusive of taxes and other charges.

How does it matter if my base fare is visible or invisible?

In case you plan to cancel your flight, DGCA has made this norm that no matter what happens, the cancellation charge to be dug from passenger pocket cannot go beyond the base fare and fuel surcharge sum. Now you know right!

2. Fuel Surcharge- You must be knowing that a plane cannot take off without fuel. There are certain charges that are clubbed on your bill to refill that oil tank before a long flight. The amount can go missing in tickets maybe because airlines sometimes club it with the rest of the base fare and taxes amount.

 How does it matter if my fuel surcharge is not displayed, especially?

In case you cancel your flight, for sure you might not want to pay a sum that is hefty, therefore if you will know your fuel surcharge differently, DGCA rule of – “cancellation charges not more than the sum of base fare + fuel surcharge” won’t let you bear a heavy sum.

In case airline cancels your flight, you will get a good flight cancellation compensation under DGCA’s rule – only if you will know your fuel surcharge differently than other taxes and fees.

3. The CUTE Fee

Common Use Terminal Equipment or simply called CUTE fee you must have seen on tickets for check-in. If not – then why not? Ask your airline to allow you to see each amount you are paying for the service you take.

4. Tax and Charges

The User Development Fees and Passenger Development Fee must be there in separate on an air ticket since airlines refund these amounts in full whenever – the ticket is not utilised, the flyer doesn’t reach airport or flight is cancelled.

Don’t you want to know how much taxes you are paying on your air transport? For that, make sure the GST on flight ticket is 5% on economic class and 12% on business class.

In case you are wondering how airlines manage funds to renovate and maintain their airports, that is all done via funds from your pocket. Yes, on your ticket if you will see the airport development fee – that is all charged for the purpose of expansion and improvement of the airports.

5. Other miscellaneous charges

Apart from the above ticket components, you will see some tad components too like a convenience fee, Ob ticketing fee and other charges (varying from airlines to airlines).

In final words, knowing the air ticket components in a dispersed manner will not only keep you aware of what you are paying but will also keep you out from situations of flight cancellation and denied boarding.

If you will know your major components in an air ticket like – base fare, PNR number, fuel surcharge, user development fee, passenger development fee, individually, you can easily claim for cancelled flight and ask for the cancelled flight compensation with full confidence.

Don’t know how? Let refundme.in help you understand your ticket components better and get you the flight cancellation compensation that you almost didn’t expect.

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