Everything you need to know about PNR and its allotment in Air ticket Booking. Know more at refundme.in

Everything you need to know about PNR and its allotment in Air ticket Booking. Know more at refundme.in

While travelling, don’t you look forward to a complete security and safety? Since airports can be the riskier place to be at times, many people fear the fact of being occupied with a situation that calls for danger and threat.

Same fear U.S citizens were experiencing back in 2001 due to the violation of safety and chain of offensive activities at airports, that is when airlines sensed the need to make air transport more secure mode for passengers and you know what, they devised the PNR (Passenger Name Record) system and named it “Inter Alia”.

In 2015, on seeing how securely the information in this big data or PNR system can sit, even European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Commission developed a plan to collect data from its passengers in routine to make the travel path secure and sound for both airline and the passenger.

And then the PNR number gradually entered in our domestic flights to make travel path for flyers parallel to convenience and safety.

What is the PNR number on my air ticket and how my information is transferred to it?


If you will look at your air ticket, a PNR number is a unique number (generated for each booked ticket) that collects and reflects your basic details like your name, mode of travel, date of travel, destination, your lounge or special meals facilities, requested seats and even your specified medical conditions.

The data is stored and used by the airline authority for their own commercial purposes. With this data, the airlines suspect people of utmost danger. Generally, this data is collected to make sure there is no suspicion of terrorism.

The data flows from you to airline operators each time you book a ticket. No matter, if you are booking the tickets via an agent or middle party, in such cases, it is the duty of those agents to transfer the packet of data to the airline’s system as soon as they receive it.

How airline generates my PNR number?

The airlines have their own database of CSR (computer reservations system). Whenever you book your itinerary, the travel websites or the airlines create a passenger name record in their database of computer reservations system with all the required set of details or specific information imparted by you.

Thus, after assessing the provided set of information, the airline generates the unique number or PNR number that helps in updating and modifying the itinerary details – in cases of changes in journey plans or trips.

Do you know each travel ticket has a different PNR number, if airlines are setting you up with a single PNR on both side ticket, this thing can turn into a bizarre situation in cases of a cancelled flight or denied boarding?

In short and crisp, a PNR number is just like your OTP (One Time Password) that is generated differently for each side travel ticket.

You must be wondering why I have to look for my PNR when my journey is confirmed and all itinerary is going like it was supposed to. Have you heard about the proverb that says “prevention is better than cure”? This is the reason you should pay heed to your PNR number on each ticket.

In cases where your flight gets cancelled or you experience denied boarding, a different PNR number will always help you earn good flight cancellation compensation at the end. Don’t believe? Continue reading how.

Let’s dig in some scenarios that you often observe related to your PNR numbers. To understand why it is better to have a unique PNR number.

Different scenarios that explain why PNR numbers are so important:

Scene 1 – “I had a single journey with a connecting flight in between but they gave me 2 PNR”.

Imagine your connecting flight gets cancelled, you are stuck at the airport, isn’t your whole itinerary adjourned? Wouldn’t you want to have compensation for the entire journey but wait, hold on! that is not possible because the airlines played and gave you 2 PNR numbers.

With 2 PNR, there is no way you will get the compensation to the whole journey. It is better to always have a 1 PNR for a single journey no matter how many halts or layover are there in between. By doing this, you will definitely reap a good compensation amount at the end. Trust us!

Scene 2 – “Was travelling to Chennai and while reaching airport encountered denied boarding due to overbooking. Not a problem! Next, the airlines shifted me to an alternate flight but with a previous flight’s PNR number only”.

Now you know that each flight or different ticket is supposed to have separate PNR number, if you will carry the same PNR number from denied flight to the fresh alternative flight, this will be misleading because with given PNR number, you won’t be able to claim compensation for the flight that was denied to you (since your PNR is the same for the replacement flight too).

Don’t you think it will be hard to find out which flight (denied or alternative) deserves the flight compensation when there is only 1 PNR to both flights? It definitely will be.

Therefore, no matter where you travel within India, it is your passenger right to always ask the airport to generate fresh PNR number for each flight.

Scene 3 – “I was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai and the airlines generated a single PNR number for the return ticket as well”.

Imagine you went to Mumbai on the given PNR from Delhi easily but while returning from Mumbai, your flight gets cancelled or you face denied boarding. How will you claim for cancelled flight on the basis of PNR number that was supposed to be only for one side travel? No, you cannot!

Adding to this, before returning back if you wish to make any modifications in your existing PNR number, the changes will scatter in your whole to and fro journey. In that case, you have only option to cancel the entire journey and start from a fresh booking, which you surely wouldn’t want to do!

Always ask the airline to get you two different PNR number for both side journey. This will help you claim better for the compensation for cancelled flight or denied boarding India easily.

It is your duty to ask for the separate PNR number from airlines and it is our – team refundme.in duty to help you with the flight cancellation or denied boarding compensation.

How about you come up with your right PNR digits and quick incidence facts and in return, we come up with a news stating that “kudos! Your flight compensation is now in your bank account”. Sounds great? Let’s connect.

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