I Was Afraid of Solo Travel Before I Discovered Mr Boie App

I Was Afraid of Solo Travel Before I Discovered Mr Boie App

“Hey Rohan! Have you booked the tickets?”

“No. I have changed my mind. I am not going.” he said

“Are you serious? Are we not going to Australia? We have been planning this trip from months and you are ditching at the last moment.!”

“I know, but I am sorry, I can’t go. We will plan it some other time” Rohan responded.

For hours, I talked to my friends if they will join me on the trip but everybody denied. Our trip to Australia was off, and I couldn’t do anything but feel sad over the fact that we can’t check our bucket list.

I kept calling my friends and trying to convince if they can come along, but nothing helped.

Then Miraya, one of my childhood friends show me a hopeful and adventurous light. She said – “Aisha, If I wanted to travel, it would have been on my own.” and it suddenly made me alive.

“But – how? I haven’t traveled anywhere alone. I am afraid.” Said I.

“Aisha, When you travel with someone else, you share but when you travel with your self, you discover.” It suddenly changed everything.

I started planning for Australia again, but this time all alone. I started researching the places to visit and places to stay, then suddenly I came across a travel app called Mr Boie. I read about it and found it so interesting.

I immediately downloaded the app on my phone and started everything fresh. Mr Boie app is a human-like travel assistant. I uploaded all my documents like ID, Passport, Travel Insurance on the app itself because I don’t have to have fear of misplacing them. Such a mindblowing feature.

Then, I prepared my checklist so that I don’t forget to carry anything important. Since I was traveling alone, so I couldn’t risk anything. The next day, I had to catch my flight and I was so nervous that if I forget something, I will mess everything up. But thanks to Mr Boie, it kept reminding me about the things I had to carry and helped me pack an ideal solo travel bag.

Now, I was a little worried about the expenses and started overthinking – “What if I overspend?” What if I run out of money?” But Mr Boie is such a savior, it tracks your expense on its Expense Tracker feature and helps you throughout.

The next morning, I had my fight at 7:00 AM, so ideally I had to leave the house at 5:00 AM but I complete the other responsibilities like web check-in on the app itself because it would save my time at the airport. But before that, I thought I should check whether my flight is delayed or not because I wanted little time to make breakfast for myself. So I opened Mr Boie’s Delay Prediction to check and saw that my flight is delayed by 1 hour.

I was all ready to GO SOLO! And I knew that Mr Boie is going to be my travel assistant throughout the trip. The most amazing thing is that Mr Boie has everything, you don’t have to flip between apps to do different tasks, you can do all of the travel essentials at the app itself. I even booked my cab for the airport and reached safely because it has ‘Sakha’, Women-driven cabs, that are safe and comfortable and I had nothing to worry about.

Everything has been so perfect and amazing with Mr Boie, I could even claim for flight compensation if my flight would be canceled or overbooked. But thankfully everything went awesome and Because of Mr Boie – I could complete my Solo trip and could leave the worry of being alone!

Thank You Miraya and Mr Boie – You two have made it possible!

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