Flight Delay Compensation: Get Your Money Fast with refundme.in

Flight Delay Compensation: Get Your Money Fast with refundme.in


Most of the people prefer air travel because it is convenient but it is not always favorable and unfortunately flight delays happen. There are times when bad weather, crew strikes and other unpredictable events can ruin your travel plans; that ultimately results in flight delay or cancellation.

If you ever get to experience flight delay, it is your right to ask your compensation. We will discuss the eligibility criteria and the claim process within this article later. Keep scrolling to find out.

P.S. Check your eligibility before you raise a claim.

What are the Regulations on Flight Delays?

Since refundme.in help EU as well as Indian passengers and diligently work towards their rights and help them get the compensation they are entitled to. Let us now look at the EU and India Regulation.

Flight Delay: EU Regulation

You are entitled to get the compensation up to 600 euro, if your delayed flight was in or out of Europe. This happens because Europe has a strong and effective air passenger right.

EU law i.e. EC 261/2004 states that you can claim for compensation in case –

  • You reach your destination more than 3 hours later than scheduled arrival

  • You have checked in your flight on time (no less than 45 minutes before the departure)

  • If your airline has operational or technical issues (Airline is responsible for delay)

Flight Delay: India Regulation

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has incorporated the rights to air passengers flying within the country. It involves specific law designed to protect and benefit the flyers in case flight disruptions.

According to DGCA regulation, in case of flight delay more than 2 hours, you will get:

  • Food and drink in proportion to the waiting period.

  • Two phone calls, emails or faxes at the expense of the airline

  • Hotel accommodation if waiting time requires overnight stay

Compensation on Delayed Flights

When it is about flight delay compensation, it is all the game of timings. If your flight is covered by EU law, any delay more than 3 hours will fetch you a monetary compensation.

While under DGCA laws, you are entitled to get refreshments if flight got delayed by more than 2 hours and hotel accommodation if your delay demands overnight stay.

There are couple of factors on which the amount of compensation depends, which includes how long it has been delayed and the distance of the flight. Let’s look at the chart to understand it better.

compensation chart

If you want to know more about the compensation criteria and what all is covered, you can read here.

How to file a claim for flight delay?

If you ever find out that your flight has been delayed, you don’t need to worry.

We understand that passengers do have enough time with respect to filing a claim for flight delay and wait for the compensation that they are entitled to get. For that, we are here to make this process even easier. You just need to follow this easy step-by-step process and make the best out of the unfavorable situation.

  1. Submit your flight details: We’ll quickly check your eligibility for compensation

  2. We Settle: We will communicate and settle with the airline

  3. You Receive: You will get your compensation. We only charge a success fee if we successfully get you compensation.

Isn’t it as easy as breathing? So, hurry and get your compensation fast with refundme.in!

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