Air Passenger Rights: Why You Should Know?

Air Passenger Rights: Why You Should Know?

Air Passenger Rights

Air travel offers one of the great experiences that includes fun and adventure but sometimes it can hang you between a strange muddle, which could only be handled by your awareness and smartness.

What happens when something doesn’t go right with your flight or your luggage? Do you feel anxious and frustrated? Have a clueless expression on a face? But did you know you have a back? Yes, you are always protected by air passenger rights.

Whether it is flight delay, cancellation, denied boarding or baggage issues (Lost/Delay/Damage), you have a right to question these situations and claim what you owe. We know that these situations are really stressful and can cause a lot of suffering and that is the reasons refundme.in is on a mission to make air passengers aware of their rights and help them get the compensation.

So, if you ever fell into a trap during your travel, you don’t need to feel helpless. Because you have the power to ask and we are there to help you get what you deserve.

Reasons to Know Your Passenger Rights

Let’s talk logic now! here are some of the valid reasons why you should know about your rights when you are traveling:

  • Flight disruptions = Compensation

Yes, according to the EU as well as the DGCA regulations, you have a right to claim and get compensation on your disrupted flights. But it is a matter of surprise that more than half of the population of the world is not aware and the rest of them don’t realize they could be eligible for the compensation.

  • It’s never too late to claim!

It doesn’t matter if your flight got canceled, delayed, or overbooked years ago, you can still claim. If you have gone through flight delay, cancellation, or overbooking within the last 3 years, you still possess the right to claim and get compensation up to 600 euros or 45,000 INR (EU Regulation) whereas up to 20,000 INR (India regulation). refundme.in takes 2 years old claim and bring compensation to the passengers.

  • Answer these before you claim

If all your answers are yes then, you are likely to get compensation whatever the case may be:

  • Has your plane taken off in the EU (or arrival happened in the EU on a European airline)?

  • Have you reached 3 hours late to your destination?

  • Is the airline responsible for the flight delay?

The law covers a lot more than this; so, it is suggested that you must find out if you are eligible to get compensation through this chart.

  • Not limited inside Europe or for Europeans

If your flight is departing from Europe or arriving in Europe on an EU airline, you are always having a chance to get the compensation. You can even claim if you are traveling outside the EU. There are so many countries helping air passengers and offering their substantial compensation in case of flight disruptions.

  • Vouchers are not the only option

If airline flung you off the flight because of overbooking and you accept airline vouchers in return, this could keep you away from receiving more. Make sure you don’t volunteer to give up your seat, this will be your loss. If this happens involuntarily, you are entitled to get up to 600 euros under EU laws.

  • Even your baggage has right

It not only you who have the power to claim but your baggage has too. When your baggage is lost, delayed, or damaged, you are entitled to get compensation. We are grateful to the DGCA new passenger charter act that includes compensation for baggage in India and Montreal Convention rights that offers this right outside India.

P.S. Make sure you get Property Irregularity Report (PIR) before you leave the airport.

The sooner, the better!

Being a responsible citizen, you should always know what is your right so that you don’t get befooled and get what has always been yours.

refundme.in is India & EU/261 regulated flight compensation provider, helping air passengers escalate from the situations of delayed flight, canceled flight & denied boarding, how? By making people aware of their air passenger rights & cashing out the compensation amount from the airlines.

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