Domestic Airlines Performance & Compensation Report: November 2019

Domestic Airlines Performance & Compensation Report: November 2019


Recently, the traffic data which has been submitted by all the domestic airlines was examined by DGCA for the month of November 2019. Let us now know the details and the growth with respect to passengers as well as the airlines.

Passenger Growth


During Jan-Aug 2019 passengers carried by domestic airlines were 1311.54 lakhs as against 1262.83 lakhs during the same period of previous year. This defined data clearly indicates the annual growth of 3.86% and monthly growth of 11.18%.

Passenger Load Factor


Now, we will look at the passenger load data of various scheduled domestic airlines in November 2019.

As per the DGCA data, the passenger load factor in the month of November 2019 has been seen declining compared to the previous month, October 2019.



The overall cancellation rate of scheduled domestic airlines for the month of November 2019 has been 1.87%. Let us now look into the details of the cancellations.

Reasons for Cancellations


There can be various reasons of flight cancellations due to which, passengers have to suffer. Let’s look at the various reasons indicated by the airlines:

Passenger Complaints

Look at the airlines’ details below:


In the month November 2019, there were about 932 passenger complaints received by the domestic airlines. There have been around 0.72 complaints per 10,000 passengers carried in the month of November 2019.

Reasons of Complaints

There have been various reasons of passenger complaints displayed below:




Lastly, we would like you to take a look on the total number of passengers affected due to flight cancellations, delas, and boarding denials happened in the month of November 2019; and how much compensation they have received from the airlines.

Have a look at the complete data:

The data clearly displays that affected passengers and the amount of compensation that they receive from the airlines. If you also have suffered because of any reasons during the air travel, you can simply contact refundme.in and get your compensation fast.

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