Countries That Indians Can Visit On A Budget

Countries That Indians Can Visit On A Budget

A few destinations outside India that you can visit without burning a hole in your pocket.


Countries where Indians can feel richer

We always wish to travel overseas, but most of us never could save enough and therefore end up taking a trip within the country. Though India is a beautiful place with a rich diverse culture, a small part in us always longs for that foreign trip. So, here’s a list of destinations outside India where the Indian Traveller will feel much richer.


1 Indian Rupee=333.98 Vietnamese Dong

A country known for its rich Buddhist heritage, scrumptious Vietnamese cuisine and pristine Clear River where you can go kayaking is a perfect getaway. Vietnam has some really beautiful beaches, war museums and French colonial architecture which is perfect to fulfil every Indian’s desire to visit a foreign country. So if you wish to plan a budget trip, you will be delighted to know that you can visit a picturesque foreign country which is yet less explored.

How to Reach:  Vietnam has airports in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh, which you can reach by taking a flight from International Airports in New Delhi or Mumbai

What You Should Know:              The best period to visit Vietnam is during spring (February to April) and Autumn (August to October).  Ho Chi Minh City attracts highest number of tourists, the next usual attraction being Hanoi. The hotels in the city are pretty cheap and you can avail truly luxurious rooms in as low as INR 3000 per night.

Sri Lanka

1 Indian Rupee= 2.20 Sri Lankan Rupee

This is an absolutely perfect place for those travellers whose love for sea cannot be explained in words.  You can go surfing at Arugam Bay or go whale-watching at Mirissa, the choices are plenty. If you are a spiritual explorer, then the temples at Nuwara Eliya and Jaffna or the Pagoda at Unawatuna is the perfect place for you.

How to Reach:  You can reach Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, by flight with the cheapest and shortest flight options available from Chennai.

What You Should Know:              Sri Lanka is known for its preservation of Hindu mythology, it has a reminiscence of a Ramayana quite different from ours as their local folklore. Exploring local attractions, and experiencing Adventure Sports – especially Scuba Diving – is something that you can do here without burning a hole in your pocket.


1 Indian Rupee= 1.60 Nepalese Rupee

This land of the almighty Everest is known for its snow-clad mountains and beautiful monasteries. It should be on your bucket list of travelling beyond India in the shoe-string budget because you can be assured of having an experience of a lifetime. The magnificence of the Himalayas along with the rich cultural history of Nepal will surely quench thirst of the explorer within you.

How to Reach:  Nepal is well connected for Indian travellers, with multiple transit options available. You can take a train to Raxul in Bihar from where you get cars and buses to travel further. You can also reach Kathmandu by flight. If you are a road-trip enthusiast, all you need to do is get a special permit for your car and you are good to roam around the country.

What You Should Know:  One of the primary reasons to visit Nepal is the magnificent Himalaya with Mt. Everest being the show-stopper. The favourable exchange rate means that local adventure activities weigh much less on your pocket that they would in general. Nepal’s local markets are also famous for foreign goods that are available at cheap rates.


1 Rupee= 4.10 Hungarian Forint

If you are a history buff and love to admire old architecture then Hungary is the place to be. It is a landlocked country that has the architectural and cultural influences from some of the most influential periods of medieval history such as Roman, Turkish and Ottoman Empire. The capital city of Budapest is considered as one of the most romantic cities in the world for its beautiful parks and gothic architecture.

How to Reach:  There are multiple flight options available to travel to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, though there are no direct flights available on this route so far.

What You Should Know:              Budapest, with its spring and autumn festivals, sights and culinary delights, is a delight to visit in any season.  Hungary is one European destination that makes you love the fact that you earn in INR. With 1 Indian rupee equalling 4 Hungarian forint, you’re unlikely to use your phone calculator for frenzied conversions while buying essentials and dining at restaurants.

Costa Rica

1 Rupee= 8.2 Costa Rican Colon

From the crystal-blue ocean teaming with marine life to tropical rainforests alive with jungle melodies, take the road less travelled on a trip to Costa Rica. This is one of the most exciting destinations, filled with breath-taking scenery and a chance to experience waterfalls, tropical jungles and endearing wildlife. Let’s not forget the thrilling volcanic trails that will give complete satisfaction to your adventurous soul.

How to Reach:  The only way to reach Costa Rica is to fly to its capital city of San José. Usually international flights from Mumbai and Delhi with layovers in different countries are available.

What You Should Know:              The dry season (Mid-December to April) is the most popular (read: crowded) and expensive time to visit Costa Rica. Hiking, river rafting, kayaking, surfing, fishing, or just sipping authentic Costa Rican coffee at a café while enjoying its natural beauty – there’s no limit to the list of things you can do in this beautiful country. And the exchange rate makes the experience even more worth it.

So, what are you waiting for? Loosen your purse strings just a bit and start meeting your travel goals.