Five Travel Apps To Use On Your Next Trip

Five Travel Apps To Use On Your Next Trip

When travelling to unknown destinations, technology can come to your rescue.


Travel Apps to make your trips smooth and hassle-free

When you are travelling to an unknown land, you are bombarded with several concerns in your mind like where are you going to stay, how is the food there, how much are you going to have to spend? So, for your next trip, use these amazing Apps to end all of your travel woes and have a great time exploring without having to worry about trivial things:


This is one app that will solve all your issues of translation when you are out on your trip. We often face a problem when it comes to communication with people of other nationalities or regions where they might not be well-versed with or accustomed to using common languages like English. This app helps in translating and learning the basics of a language that you would need while out on a vacation. You will find almost all the largely spoken languages in this world on Duolingo. Although it’s mostly reading, writing and listening, there are a few spoken questions as well. The app monitors your progress and tracks your mistakes to identify patterns, so it can test your weaker skills.


That constant hassle to find out the exchange rates and coping up with the comparison of your home currency is a real struggle. XE comes in very handy in resolving these issues. It provides you with the live exchange rates of 10 currencies of your choice at a time. You can use it offline too because it stores the last updated rates. It’s super easy to use – just tap on the currency you want and it provides comparison values with the currencies that you have chosen.


If you are looking for an app that will provide you with an end to end solution of home stay around the world, then Airbnb is what you are looking for. We all have that enthusiast streak in us which once in a while dominates our behaviour especially when you are out exploring the unknown. Airbnb helps you kerb that hunger and provides you with beautiful homestays in the remotest corners of the earth, without burning a hole in your pocket. You can directly contact the host of the interested property through the app and the payment can be done online.


TripAdvisor provides you with reviews on restaurant, hotels, attractions and other travel-related businesses around the world. It boasts of 60 million users and over 170 million reviews, so if you are wondering whether you should check out the Lebanese restaurant near your hotel or the night club on the beach, this is the app that answers all your questions.


It’s often difficult to find the right place to eat or shop the local handicraft in an unknown city, but that worry has been taken care of by Triposo. This app helps you to find the best restaurants, local stores, local arts and artisans so that you get to experience the beauty of the rich culture of the place. Not only that, Triposo also offers you with other interesting details of the place such as haunted houses around the area, history of certain food or places in that region exactly how a local tour guide will tell you. So the next time you travel, use Triposo as your handy Guide to understand more about the history behind things and the local folklore.

These and many more apps can help you get the most out of your trip, especially when you want to explore your destination without micro-planning every detail of your itinerary.