Cancelled flight? Here is what you can do at Mumbai’s Airport

Cancelled flight? Here is what you can do at Mumbai’s Airport

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There are cases when people get stuck at the airport due to unexpected reasons. The major reason is flight cancellation, which is observed every now and then. The factors calling out to such undesirable situation are various like faulty airport systems, the absence of required staff or maybe sudden changes in the weather.

If you are stuck at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport due to flight cancellation, all you could possibly think of how to claim for cancelled flight. Apart from waiting and scratching your head in deep thoughts of cancelled flight compensation, utilise your waiting time in exploring things at or near the airport till you board the next alternative flight.

If you haven’t been to Mumbai airport before, you will be surprised to know some quick leisure activities that you can do there to relax your mind with peace and fun. Here are a few things that you can invest your time in when waiting seems endless.

  1. Dine in with lip-smacking restro-bars

If you are a keen foody, you might find it satiating to invest your time in a few best eating places at the airport. If you are travelling through terminal 2, you will find a handful number of bistros, cafes or restaurants there like Olive Bistro, The Indian Kebab Grill, Beer Cafe, Baker Street to take your taste buds on an adventure.

   2. Get access to the world-class Lounges

If you want to catch up with your disturbed sleep or want to settle at one place on the airport with all comfort and food altogether, try world-class lounges there like Aviserv Lounge, Loyalty lounge near Terminal 2 with reasonable booking amount.

  3. Shop with the high-end brands

If you are a shopaholic or someone who finds pride in buying new fashion trends with extreme brands, then you can find few handful brand options near Terminal 2 like FAB INDIA, HUGO BOSS, PAL ZILERI, PAUL & SHARK, THOMAS PINK and VERSACE to shop till you drop.

  4. Revive your soul with good spas

Feeling drained and exhausted after packing or rushing towards the airport? It is obvious to have a cramped body while dealing with travelling. To rejuvenate and ignite your mental peace from exertion, try O2 Spa, Spa & Art by Heaven on Earth Wellness, located at Terminal 2.

  5. Take your tiny tots to the child care rooms

If you are travelling along kids, you can use the facilities called child care rooms specially created for travelling moms. There you may easily cater to your child’s need like feeding, changing diapers and much more. You can avail such facilities near the check-in area or level 2 and 4.

If you have already been to the airport’s leisure activities and are looking much more in the city to utilise your idle time, you can simply exit out from the airport and see what this dream city called “Mumbai” has to offer. No matter you have minimum of 2 hours in hand or maximum of 7 hours in hand, you can still embrace the Mumbai’s most rejoiced places without worrying much about the time span.

When you have 2-3 hours in hand

If you are looking for some inclusive fun of beaches, street food and comfort, plan your itinerary to Juhu. What places you can surge out there:

  • You can enjoy sunset inside a pool, eat lavish lunch at the bars of the Sea Princess Hotel or Juhu Marriott.

  • Theatre Maniac? Book the tickets of the upcoming show there to revive your mental peace.

  • It’s impossible to avoid the mouth-watering food at Juhu. Try chat, pav bhaji and ice golas there to splash your taste buds with extreme taste.

  • If you are an adorer of spirituality and ecstasy of temples, behind Prithvi cafe explore the famous ISKCON Temple.

  • If you are an avid shopaholic, try exploring the boutiques like Satya Paul, Masaba and Kimaya to lose yourself into the richness of brand labels.

  • At last, do not forget to pay a visit to the Juhu beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset, if time allows.

What to do, if you are making a way to Bandra?

The “Queen of suburbs” called Bandra is a flamboyant destination in Mumbai that has umpteen number of tourist spots, religious attractions, famous restaurants and is home to popular Bollywood celebs. If you are lucky, you might get a chance to bump into a celebrity while passing from there. Here is a list of places you can go there:

  • You cannot miss the famous shooting location “Bandra-Worli Sea Link” to enjoy the beauty of man-made wonders.

  • You can munch out the burgers and cakes at The Obama restaurant or even try Candies cafe’s rich menu.

  • Say hello to Bandra Fort located near Bandstand. Get a clear view of the Arabian Sea and relish the architectural beauty of the fort.

  • At last, do not forget to calm your wits with sea breeze at Bandstand.

When you have 6-7 hours in hand

If you are looking for fun and frolic activities to last for a greater duration, you can definitely stroll around the Marine lines and get submerged in this beauty. There you may explore places like –

  • You can favour yourself by visiting Bollywood tours to learn the links between Bollywood and Mumbai.

  • You can visit the arch monument named Gateway of India built in the 20th century.

  • Chowpatty beach is definitely going to become your favourite because of its offerings in – cameral rides, ferry rides, merry-go-rounds.

  • You can utilise your time shopping with rich brand labels like Brand Factory or could even visit fashion street to do some thrift shopping.

  • After tiring yourself with enough sightseeing and shopping, you can satiate your gut with eating points like Pizza By The Bay, Kebab Korner, Croissants, Dome, Relish or Mockingbird Cafe Bar. If you are looking for some extreme delicacies, you can try Bachelorr’s famous shake and BadeMiya’s chicken at Horniman Circle.

Now you know how you can utilise your idle time at an airport, do not forget about how to claim compensation for cancelled flight. As a passenger, it is your right to file a flight cancellation compensation whenever you are left uninformed about any cancellation. With refundme.in, claim your sum of flight cancellation compensation in a single go.

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