Cancelled flight? Are airlines supposed to provide hotel accommodation? Know more

Cancelled flight? Are airlines supposed to provide hotel accommodation? Know more

Imagine you book a flight ticket and 2 weeks prior departure, you receive a call from airport authority stating that your flight has been called off due to some sudden circumstances. What would you do? You would either ask them for a refund or request them to route you towards a next alternative flight option. Isn’t so?

But let’s imagine a situation where you were not informed at all about the situation and you cluelessly reach out to your airport or get stuck at the airport in wait of a connecting flight, there you come to observe about such cancellation. What would you do? Of course, again you would ask for the next flight or refund.

If you ask for an alternative flight, the chances of getting the flight exactly after 2 hours or so are rare. Because airlines based on their schedule can even provide alternative flights of more than 24 hours late. In such cases, you might either think to claim for cancelled flights or search for the nearby hotel to straighten your back until next flight.

Can you demand meals and refreshments until the next alternate flight?

If you are stuck at the airport because of cancelled connecting flight then you can request the airport staff to feed you with meals and refreshments until the wait of next alternate flight.

Can you demand a hotel stay or transfer until the next alternate flight?

If your next alternative flight is within 24 or more, you certainly cannot stay at the airport with a tired back. You may request the airline authority to provide you with either a hotel stay, transfers or some nearby accommodation voucher to smoothen up your discomforts.

The airport staff may either provide you with a redeemable hotel voucher or a comfortable stay at the nearest hotel to the airport. This way, you won’t have to tirelessly wait for the next flight, could easily catch up with sleep or comfort until next flight timings and don’t have to bear heavy sum on booking the accommodation.

Now you know what you need to ask for whenever you have to wait for the alternative flight in exchange of a cancelled flight. Uninformed flight cancellation leads to a huge mental turmoil. To cope up with that turmoil, do you know that you can claim for cancelled flights? Do you know how flight cancellation compensation is reimbursed? Do you know how to check the eligibility for the cancelled flight compensation?

If you have any or no idea about how to claim compensation for cancelled flight, contact refundme.in to get valued compensation sum credited into your bank account.

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