Top 5 Airport Tips for Easy Travel

Top 5 Airport Tips for Easy Travel


Why do you need such tips?

Because when you are on board; thoughts like how will I get WiFi password? Or Isn’t $20 too much for sandwich? should not hurt you.

You may relate to it. It’s probably because you have been into this and it happened because you were not knowing the best airport tips that can make your travel easier.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time flyer or a pro traveler, you will never want to go through all these at the airport. Therefore, the compilation of some of the airport hacks will your travel go smooth and flawless.

Best Airport Tips

1. Get your favorite seat before booking

Yes, you can do that. While flying you must have noticed that all seats are not same and sitting in the middle seat gives a panic attack because you won’t get to look down on earth or admire sky, so much trouble to go to the restroom, lack of space, sometimes your neighbor would also conquer your armrest.

You better save yourself from unkind things.

There are so many websites like Seat Guru, which offers comprehensive details of the seats of your plane including information like – USB ports, power outlets and more; so that you can have one of a kind flying experience.

2. Keep Checking Flight Status

It is one of the most essential things to do while traveling, because if you are keep checking your flight status in real time, you will be knowing whether your flight is getting delayed or cancelled.

I am suggesting you to download Mr Boie App before you plan any trip. The app allows you to plan your whole trip, track your flight status, and will update you in the event of flight disruptions.

Furthermore, Mr Boie is one big thing these days, because it has everything you can think of. You can track your expenses, upload & manage your important documents, delay prediction checker, get airport and flight details (you’ll find everything right away), cab booking and so much more.

3. Web Check-in

I don’t think I need to give you any good reasons to do that; because if you do web check-in, it will save your maximum amount of time, otherwise, get yourself prepared to stand in a long queue.

One of the easiest airport tips which you can do within seconds. Download Mr Boie and everything will be sorted. Once you do that, airline gets a sign that you will be showing up for your flight and they probably will not overbook or deny you to board the flight.

4. Wow! Free WiFi

Almost all airports give you a free WiFi access, but some will only grant you for limited time, while some will ask for password which you definitely don’t know.

Now what if you know all the WiFi passwords of airports across the world, won’t you feel powerful? Well, for that you should have Google My Maps on, which allows you to have wireless passwords from airports and lounges around the globe.

wireless passwords

You just need to select the airport and you will get the password. Please don’t thank me.

Pro Tip: It is suggested that if you want to protect your identity, you better connect to public wifi with a VPN.

5. Flight Compensation is a Must Thing!

There is no surprise that flight delays, cancellations, baggage lost or damaged, or denied boarding can happen anytime; But, being a responsible traveler, you must know whether you are eligible for compensation and if yes, without any delay, raise a claim ticket at refundme.in.

As per the EU and Indian Regulation, air passengers who undergo flight delay, cancellation, and overbooking will get compensation up to 600 euros and 20,000 INR respectively.

It is quite obvious that airlines will not announce that the flight is delayed, start raising claim tickets. It is a long process but refundme.in will help you get the compensation as fast as possible. You just need to submit your flight details and refundme.in will do the rest.

Will see you around, traveler!

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