How to get compensation for canceled flights in India?

How to get compensation for canceled flights in India?

Its high time air travelers look at the frequently canceled flights subjectively and understand their rights for flight cancellation compensation. The cancellation of flights has been noticed all around the world due to increased air traffic and is being dealt with in different ways across the globe. It’s necessary for Indian air travelers to understand the air passenger rights to claim the compensation they deserve.

Recently, the draft Passenger charter was rolled out which states the parameters based on which the compensation can be claimed. The authority related documents can be tricky to understand so it’s better for air travelers to look up for refundme.in, the first ever flight compensation service provider for Indian air travelers. Airlines are entitled to provide flight cancellation compensation in case they are unable to come up with an alternative for the air passenger with-in one hour of the uninformed cancellation.


Know your rights

Instead of jumping to conclusions blindly. One should know the possible situations when an air passenger can come forward and demand their rights

  1. On cancellation of flight without any prior acknowledgment or alternative
  2. Denied boarding on the confirmed ticket at the specified flight time.

DGCA has made it mandatory for the airlines to ensure that the air passengers whose flights are canceled should be compensated for the inconvenience caused to the air passengers.

How can you claim the flight cancellation compensation?

After giving away a deep thought into this reading one might wonder, yes I fulfill the eligibility criteria for the demand of cancellation compensation but where to start. The first and foremost step would be to know your rights which are simplified on the refundme.in and refundme.in service provider is the platform where eligible air passengers put their queries and refundme.in helps the air passengers to get the best possible compensation for the inconvenience.

refundme.in is the first ever flight compensation service provider in India to provide the platform for air passengers’ to claim for the flight cancellation and helps the air passengers to suggest the best compensation possible depending upon the eligibility of the flight compensation of the passenger.

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