Airlines checklist to fly with an infant in India: Baby on board!!!

Airlines checklist to fly with an infant in India: Baby on board!!!

The folks in India hardly approve of the idea to take a baby on the plane and the fast-paced generation rarely understands waiting for no reason. To have a safe and comfortable travelling experience with an infant, an air passenger must check the following list before boarding.


Age limit: Minimum age for an infant to travel is seven days. The airlines do not fly infants below this age. Babies up to two years can travel on the adult’s lap.

Verification: An address proof for an infant such as the birth certificate is required for domestic flights and minor passports for international flights.

Charges: Airlines charge 10% of the adult’s fare including the taxes to carry an infant on the laps. One infant per adult is allowed.

Amenities: The passenger can request for bassinets at the time of booking with the dimensions 71cm x 36cm x 19cm (Lxbxh).

Precautions: No infant is allowed to be carried by the adult in the exit row. In fact, neither the rows directly in front of nor directly behind the exit are allowed to be occupied by infant passenger.

Baby Baggage: No free baggage allowance is for the infants. The limit for baggage varies from airline to airline. For example, Air India allows 10kgs.

Child restraint system: Some Airlines provide a child restraint system for infants with an additional seat for an adult being mandatory. A safety seat designed for the infants while travelling.

Travelling with infants on the plane calls for prior arrangements and constant attention. On top of that if denied boarding or your flight gets cancelled, surely you will go through some inconvenience and hurdles in your schedule. Keep yourself satisfied by having the knowledge of air passenger rights which can be enforced to claim compensation for flight cancellation and denied boarding. refundme.in, air passenger rights protector is the first ever flight compensation service provider in India.

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