7 Important things to know while booking flight tickets this holiday season

7 Important things to know while booking flight tickets this holiday season

The holiday season has approached and many of you must be excited to visit your near and dear ones in their native places. The joy of holidays or days post Christmas becomes complete when families, friends, and people reunite early to celebrate the day with a whole heart.

Travelling during the time of holidays like new year eve can be filled with lots of hustle-bustle. It is also quite not possible to find air tickets to the desired destination timely.

If you are someone who is planning to visit their loved-ones earlier than the event via air, then here are the 7 important things that you definitely need to tie down about while or before planning to book a flight ticket at this holiday season to avoid a claim for cancelled flights.

1. Get down the line with various airline options

Make time to sit and find the airlines with best and cheap fare prices. Compare and contrast the different airlines before planning or booking the travel tickets, since the holiday season can call for hiked ticket pricing due to huge demand. Stay ahead and find the best and cheap travel options.

2. Buy the ticket on an advance basis

In holiday season, the flights tend to become costly because of the huge demand from the public. Buy the tickets on an early basis, at least 8 weeks before to avoid the hiked up prices and the situation of cancelled flight compensation.

3. Avoid the weekend bookings

If you are planning to book a ticket in your free weekend, then clearly drop off the idea since the airlines generally hike up their prices by the Friday and gradually decreases it by Monday or Tuesday.

4. Get the tickets right from the airline’s app and website

The travelling and booking apps often levy additional charges during such holidays season. Try booking your tickets from the official airline’s website and app to avoid the additional charges on your ticket. Even if you are going with such apps and platforms, make sure to compare them with the airline’s offering, just in case.

5. Try clearing cache and cookies

Whenever searching for the flight price or booking an air ticket, make sure to clear the previous cache and cookies as it may show you the hiked up ticket prices. If you will refresh and clear any cache, you will notice that price hasn’t actually increased and it was just a mere online sales strategy to befool the customers and create panic.

Do not fall for the trap, book accordingly and avoid the situation of flight cancellation compensation.

6. Stay tuned with the special deals

With an open eye become a search-savvy and look for the flight rates at regular intervals. There are times when airlines reduce their price for less than 24 hours, dig out that time and book the flights effectively and efficiently.

7. Stay ahead with flash offers

Follow the airline’s social media page and stay aware of any contest or flash promotions going around. This way, you may get the chance to secure your confirmed seat in time.

Even if you plan to book your ticket early, there are going to be some unseen circumstances that might cancel your flight. But do not let the moment break as with refundme.in you can claim compensation for cancelled flight just in time without any hassle.

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