5 things not to do when packing for your carry-on bags

5 things not to do when packing for your carry-on bags

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You surely wouldn’t want to run around the airport security check just because you packed your carry-on bags all wrong? Would you?

A smart traveller is not only the one who packs his luggage all right but is the one who knows what to take in his carry-on along with him in an aircraft. Therefore, we have crafted a list of 5 not-to-dos for the carry-on bag packing that you or any avid traveller can try. Why? To saves yourself from the hassles of security check.

1. Not to forget keeping the essentials first

To prevent the carry-on bag from missing the essentials & lifesavers, make sure to pack them first & foremost. Make sure to pack your lifesavers like-

  • Comfy Travel/neck pillows
  • Hand sanitizers/moisturizing creams
  • Headphones/ear plugs
  • Reading materials/books
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Eye mask

Rest, you can decide & experiment with your essentials/ lifesavers. Make sure not to pack heavily as it takes huge space to fit in.

2. Not to stuff too much in the carry-on

Some airlines along with the luggage also weigh the carry-on bags as they have limited space back in an airplane. So it’s better not to stuff the bag very heavily. Since few airlines charge for the carry-on too, it’s better you weigh it before you leave for your next flight.

You can buy a small luggage scale to weigh your carry-on easily. Then you can match that noted weight with your scheduled carrier’s website- to make sure it fits in their guidelines.

This way you won’t have to spend hours in the security check & can easily walk to catch your flight.

3. Not to pack the liquid or gel-based items deep inside the bag

If you don’t want people behind you to wait long & in fury, better remember to keep your liquid-based products on the top of your bags. This way, your security check won’t take time & people behind you won’t have to tap their feet in anger & hurry.

4. Not to pack liquid bottles of more than 100 millilitres

You can pack up the giant size liquid-based products bottles in your checked luggage but not in your carry-on. Better to carry all your liquids whether shampoo or lotion in a bottle of 100 ml only. And pack all these bottles in a single zip-lock pouch only.

This way your bag will be organized and security check won’t have issues while screening you.

5. Not to pack the prohibited items

Before travelling it’s better you do a little online search for what type of items your airlines or your travelling country prohibit to carry. You can call your airlines to know what items they strictly don’t allow in their airplanes.

  • But to be specific, don’t carry the products which –
  • Are explosive or sharp in nature.
  • Are gaseous.
  • Can be used for self-defence.

Rest you can tally from your carrier’s website & note it before you travel.

These were the suggested don’ts for the carry-on packing by refundme.in, what are yours? Share them in the comments below.

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