10 Tips to Have a Hassle Free Boarding at The Airport in India

10 Tips to Have a Hassle Free Boarding at The Airport in India

Airports have a lengthy procedure to reach from the main gate to the plane. Air travellers need to be extra careful to abide by the rules of the airport authorities. Go prepared to avoid getting involved in a debate with the airport staff. Here are the tips for your trouble-free boarding.

Save alternate routes for the airport on your maps: The practical travelling in India is quite different from what your maps show. Therefore, make sure you have different routes saved to reach the airport.

Keep an offline copy of the ticket: The tickets reflect in your e-mail with an attachment of a PDF. Get a printout or a screenshot of the e-ticket.

Review the weather forecast: India has diverse climatic conditions. Make sure you carry an appropriate garment for your destination.

Opt for online check-ins: Online check-ins save your time and help you relax before the departure instead of constantly cursing the queue.

Avoid metals while traveling: Avoid unnecessary metal products to cross the metal detector security check in a minute.

Cooperate with the security staff: Not every security person is happy to see you even if they say Namaste. Pass by with a smile.

Set a reminder at your departure time: One can easily get distracted by the colorful airports of India. Set the alarm or reminder to avoid distractions.

Keep some snacks if possible: Pre-boarding homemade snacks are better than high priced tacos for Munchies.

Don’t hurry to board: Queuing up to the board doesn’t help the plane to take off early so set back and board when the gate is less crowded.

Keep the boarding pass near: Avoid keeping your boarding pass in the deeper compartments of your handbag.


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